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Deepak Eshwar

Deepak Eshwar

Manager Digital Marketing
XPO Informatics Media
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Deepak Eshwar's Experience
Manager - Digital Marketing
XPO Informatics Media, Bangalore, INDIA
Admin/Sr.Engineer/SEO/Internet Marketing Manager
Collabera Software, Bangalore, INDIA
Deepak Eshwar's Education
Diploma Software
Growth Prospect in marketing
A marketing person immediately sees the result of his strategies when compared to his counterparts in other streams. His growth depends on how successful his marketing strategies are in presenting the product / project he represents.
Role in an organization
I play the role of Manager for the Digital Marketing / Online Marketing department. Also got opportunity to work with Google team for GSA Application (Google search appliances) also got an award as Best employee from JPMC Client.
I sincerely believe and practice the below to keep my team motivated: 1) Respecting each team member 2) Clearly Communicating with the team 3) Celebrating with the team 4) Recognizing their effort 5) Helping them to improve their performance 6) Letting them to lead others by being an example Many employees find that their Managers often want them to follow the rules which the Managers themselves do not follow. The Managers who do not follow the rules are a bad example for the team and they never succeed in motivating the team.
Future trend
Now, the marketing sector is driven by the customer; who studies and analysis the different available brands / options before making a purchase.
Importance of Marketing
As quoted by the famous Jeff Bezos “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”, BRAND is what you are to your customers. I feel being a Digital Marketing Manager is itself a brand. We are catering to the needs of the customers who are well connected, informed, and ultimately empowered, their expectations only escalate. In short, they are more discerning and demanding than ever before. The brand and the brand promise are of paramount importance. Without it, businesses instead rely on fleeting factors such as price, trends, events, gimmicks, and other elements that make it difficult to develop a long-term bond or relationship between a customer and the product or the brand. We, digital marketing specialists watch these customers’ demands, do R&D and present our client’s products / projects accordingly to meet the customer’s demand.
Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning process is one of the most important processes management should undertake both at the onset of a new offer creation as well as part of a periodic revision of the portfolio of offers and strategies used by the organization which makes it competitive.
Suggestions to aspirants
Be honest to your team, have trust on your team and respect their views.
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