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Nitin Sambrekar

Nitin Sambrekar

Assistant Manager Marketing & Brand Activations
Prominent Financial Services,Insurance & Investment Bank
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Nitin Sambrekar's Experience
Assistant Manager Marketing & Brand Activations
Prominent Financial Services,Insurance & Investment Bank, Bangalore, INDIA
MR Exec./ Mgr
TVS Sundaram Finance, Belgaum, INDIA
Nitin Sambrekar's Education
MATS School Of Business & IT
Achieving Targets
As a Marketing Head,i provide creative marketing strategies towards customer acquisition for a diverse 881984 region specific sales team to achieve revenue generation.Providing avenues of alliance 881984 co-partnering marketing initiatives is my forte.I also render consultative services to the sales team.
Future trend
Forming alliances has become an order of the day to surge ahead of competition. ATL 881984 BTL,Branding 881984 Experiential Marketing is gaining ground than before. Platforms of digital marketing are being seen across industry.Further investments in marketing are seen as profitable by most CEO's world over
Motivating Factor
The love of my life,Vinuta is the motivational factor for my success.The zeal with which your company invests confidence in me motivates me.With greater designation's your job only gets too diverse to outperform every time.Healthy competition 881984 "STAND-OUT-OF-CROWD" factor also motivates me.
Importance of sales
Sales is of utmost importance everywhere today.Sales drives business,brings in growth & helps build brands.Sales for any firm is like an army on a war-field.Effective Sales impact the organization in the long run.Sales puts your company across borders &
Suggestions to aspirants
Marketing is a dynamic aspect in corporate world.Be bold to experiment & embrace the change.In marketing only the fittest & Smartest survive.Be open for learning with an eye for detail.Patience is a virtue when it comes to marketing.Adapting to scenarios is crucial too & Victory will be yours
Importance of STP
Segmentation is very important for business.Be it product/service,segments are like fortress which help lay foundation of your customer base & revenue.Targeting the right person will help enrich business for a long time to come & refurbished confidence.Positioning helps a product land on firm ground
Brief yourself
With an MBA from MATS,my span in the BFSI industry has been a challenging ride of over 5 years.I currently head marketing function for a prominent Financial,banking 881984 Investment organization.Branding,MarCom,Events,BTL,Campaigns are my key forte amongst others.Wildlife 881984 History interests me a lot
Role in an organization
I head a diverse region handling multiple branches 881984 channels.Overlooking entire marketing function for the area 881984 leading sales towards Lead nurturing strategies is my prime role.Branding,Events,BTL etc are some of the key areas which i undertake as part of my job towards revenue generation
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