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Business Analyst
Dart Consulting Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, INDIA
's Education
Sikkim Manipal University
Bangalore university, Bangalore
Barkatullah University
Current Job Description
I have been working as a Market Research Analyst. and my job responsibilities are : *Assist in developing research and undertaking analysis across a range of products * Produce data to support product and/or business development * Manage proposals, contracts, and relationships with vendors to acquire the appropriate information to be able to develop forecasting models * Assist with business plan development * Data Masking * Demand Generation * Retail Market Research * Competitive Analysis and SWOT analysis * Online marketing including social media marketing and branding. * Project management of programs for the Business Units, e.g. Strategy implementation * Communicating with clients to understand and document the business objectives and capture client needs accurately * Conceptualize the most appropriate solution or methodology for executing the project * To ensure accurate effort estimation and pricing of engagements * Prepare and submit proposals and ensure that the needs
Concept of Analyst
A good Analyst should be visionary, a creative thinker, and innovative. He or she is fun to work with and carries a positive attitude. A good Analyst should be creative, a strong interpersonal skilled person. Someone wanting a more hands on approach to business and problem solving. The good Analyst will look for opportunities to grow and learn. He or she will listen attentively to what others are saying. The good Analyst should be a walking encyclopedia about the company he or she works within. They will know people from every department.
Important decision taken
My life changing career decision was to switch the life science field. Though I completed my M.Sc. in Biochemistry almost people prescribed me to go for Scientific Research. But I don't want to spend my whole life in a singe chamber, which might be surly a "Chamber of Secrets". I found Market Research is quite interesting, and the field for which I made.
More about myself
I am a fun loving guy, when i'll get time I'll go out with friends. I love to play Table Tennis. and in free time i like to surf on net, social media is my biggest weakness.
My Strongest Skill
In addition to strong analytical and math skills, I can effectively communicate and interact well with groups of people. In addition to strong writing and public speaking skills, I have exceptional quantitative skills and the ability to gather and interpret statistics. I also have good Computer skills, including word processing, data entry, and Internet research skills.
Qualities require to be successful
A good Analyst is a visionary, a creative thinker, and innovative. He or she is fun to work with and carries a positive attitude. To summarize, a good Analyst must possess following qualities. 1) Quality of a Analyst may include some degree in technology. 2) Another quality a Analyst should have is the ability to be comfortable in the board room as well as in front of the drawing board. 3) Another best attribute for the Analyst is being able to supply options. He or she will know what is available and from whom. 4) Being open minded is a good quality for the Analyst. 5) An Analyst should be able to analyze the attributes of another individual. He or she can show that person where their expertise can help a project. 6) An Analyst should possess a quality that allows him to look into the future to see where business and technology are going.
Avoiding mistake and connecting right dots
I always try to find out the correct dot to connect.But being an effective leader does not always require moving heaven and earth. A leader's role can vary and be effective in small, yet extremely powerful ways. A clarifier listens, summarizes, and makes things clearer. A coach encourages others to develop their skills. A facilitator helps the group set goals, make decisions, choose directions, and evaluate progress. A delegator helps each group member apply her talents and interests to the group's goals. An initiator gets things moving. A manager helps coordinate the parts of a project and keeps an eye on progress. A mediator helps resolve differences. A networker connects people with people and people with ideas to move the project forward. A problem-solver suggests solutions and ways to get things done. A visionary sees creative solutions, new directions, and possibilities. "Setting the scene with small leadership acts gives you credence and respect when big things happen."
Upcoming trends
Some of the New trends which emerged during late 2012. Trend #1: Data Streams Will Shift Researcher Focus Trend #2: Mobile Devices Will Shape New Methodologies Trend #3: Insights From Unstructured Text Will Become More Precise Trend #4: Completion Rates for Online Surveys Will Continue to Plummet Trend #5: Brands Will Accelerate Direct Access to Their Customers Trend #6: Research Patents Will Be Actively Enforced Trend #7: Overall Research Budgets Will Experience Limited Growth Trend #8: Prices for Syndicated Research will Remain Stable; Custom Research and Sample Access Will Decrease Trend #9: New Skill Sets Will Be Required -- Paying Substantially More such as SQL and SAS/SPSS Trend #10: Job Hopping Becomes Popular Among the Most Skilled MR Professionals
My achievements
My greatest achievement so far in my career would probably be winning the Manager of the Year award last year. I made numerous operational changes at my branch, including a massive reduction in stock levels - which significantly boosted our working capital. I also drove up reports levels, especially by increasing the quality of reports by implementing the QC steps.
Handling risky decision
Risk is the Part of life, and I Love to deal with risky situations. "When the project director took a holiday I made the most of the situation and rose to the challenge. In this time I had to decide on the fate of a suppler due to poor performance and commission another one, it was risky because the incumbent knew the company and the new one did not. I made the decision to let the current vendor go and employ the new one. It was risky but I used a risk matrix and the advice of others to make a decision".
Couple of years from now
I want to be a master of Market Research, so I am continuously putting efforts in to developing my skills and enhancing quality of work. First I want to be an asset for the company for which I'll work. After around 8 to 10 years of experiences, I would like to register my own MR farm.
My thought on education system in India
Indian education system s$cks, I should be changed. I should be out of the books. According to me there is a huge need to change the education system in India. The main problem with the Indian education system that the syllabus provided by the boards and universities are quiet boring and students are fed up by studying old syllabus, secondly people of India are too much lazy they do not want to do anything just they want comforts and luxuries in less efforts, no doubt %of Indian students are very much capable of their efforts but a big % of students are do not want to study and enjoy their life. Rather emphasizing on theoretical aspects practical knowledge should be more focused which would arouse interest of students. Moreover teachers should be interactive. By this at least we can try to overcome some part of the problem.
Influenced by
I am much influenced by "Swami Vivekananda". Swami Vivekananda once said, “If you have lost your wealth, you have lost nothing; if you have lost your health, you have lost something; if you have lost your character, you have lost everything.” I strongly believe in this saying of Swami Vivekananda. Character makes a human being. A person with spotless and indisputable character is invaluable, whereas the wealthiest person without character is not even worth mentioning. A person of character will attract wealth but a wealthy person cannot buy good character even with all his/her wealth. But, sad to note that people now-a-days give more importance to “money” than “character.” Money has become the “only religion” people worship of late.
Initiative taken by professionals to develop a country
First decrease pollution and horn noises on the Road. This will not lead the to be a developed country, but it'll heal many causes. As a citizen of our country INDIA.. I have one plan and message to all you people here..First of all NGOS or Social organizations to be set up in our country in every city, town, village to cater to needs of people in all respects by eminent people and it should be run we the people of INDIA....and funding to be done BY all citizens of India. Every month each citizens responsibility to pay a fixed amount to the NGO/ social organisation minimal fee and tgis fund to be used for daily needs of people categirically fix funds for needs, dvelopment , transportation, defence, etc all be considered.
My advice to professionals
1. Interesting and engaging work as opposed to routine tasks 2. Feedback that is timely and specific 3. Being thanked 4. Simple rewards 5. Opportunities to develop their skills
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