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Dr Ram Pramod Tiwari

Dr Ram Pramod Tiwari

RFCL/Avantor Performance Materials Ltd.
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Dr Ram Pramod Tiwari's Experience
General Manager R&D
RFCL/Avantor Performance Materials Ltd., Delhi, INDIA
Director (R&D/Production)
Trinity biotech PLC, Abuja, Nigeria
Head Of Dept.
Nicholas Piramal India Ltd., Mumbai, INDIA
Asst. Manager (R&D)
Cadila Healthcare Ltd., Ahmedabad, INDIA
Research Scientist
Lupin Limited, Bhopal, INDIA
Dr Ram Pramod Tiwari's Education
Govt.Degree College Satna
Burkatullah University
A.P.S University Rewa
Marketing is a fundamental requirement of an organization for their growth and achieve the success in business. I personally believe that the marketing is made with three basic rules, which includes the development of strategy for the identification, selection and development of a right product with right pricing, placing them through right distribution/direct channel to reach the products on customer's place, and development and implementation of a promotional materials to describe and justify the need of product in customer place.
Access of the growth in organization is based on top line growth, EBITDA margin improvement and annual business growth following strategic planning of the organization.
Importance of 4ps
The 4 Ps of marketing are right product at right price with right time promotion for right customer. These 4Ps are so important for an organization as missing the link with each other may mislead and create the business gap.
Importance of On line marketing
Building the confidence with end user for its best use with best price and best quality and generate the demand with his own interest.
Future prospect
Either I would become an entrepreneur after few years or become a top business strategy maker in my professional career.
Suggestions to aspirants
Enhancing the knowledge, build up the self confidence, so that they could develop the confidence to others.
Role in an organization
I am responsible for making the strategy for business growth in the area of new product development, technological advancement for self reliance. This includes Plan, Direct, establish, analyze, execute and control the R&D, QA/QC activities and compliance (Regulatory/statuary) for strengthening the self reliance activities, assuring the quality as bench marking.
Growth Prospect in marketing
Soon after establishing the brand image of the products and bring it in to the position of company objective.
Future trend
Change Your Business “The most reliable way to anticipate the future is to understand the present while utilizing advance technologies and reach up to customer satisfaction
What can be achieved
Marketing is the core area of the business and it has wider prospective.
Recommended Courses and Certification
Marketing person doesn’t need any certification, but master in business administration in respective segment, having outstanding presentation and communication skills with knowledge of subject would be added advantage.
Positioning the product
The key statement for positioning of products in the market is High Quality at Competitive Price with compleate service support to customer through Direct and distributor channels.
Motivating Factor
Motivating factor in corporate world includes fastest growth in professional career, implementation of ideas, thoughts and creativity in reality.
The marketing is the made with 4Ps,however after its implementation the real business start for sailing of products and demand generation for happening the ethical sale (sales means getting the repeat order from customer with collection in time with proper margin).
Reviewing the parameter with consent of the team and making the revised strategy for better implementation of the marketing plan with positive motivation.
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