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Rahul Shrivastava

Rahul Shrivastava

Senior Manager - Digital Marketing at INDIA.COM
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Rahul Shrivastava's Experience
Product Manager/Project Manager/Manager/Supervisor/Team Leader
Pinstorm, Mumbai, INDIA
Rahul Shrivastava's Education
RKDF Bhopal

About Rahul Shrivastava's family

I am from a family of scholars, my father is Scientist (Entomology) and elder sister is PhD in Nutrition & Dietetics, while mother is a homemaker. My wife is a S/W engineer.
Family Background
I am from a family of scholars, my father is Scientist (Entomology) and elder sister is PhD in Nutrition & Dietetics, while mother is a homemaker. My wife is a S/W engineer.
Contribution to the field
I am proud to be a part of founding team of and enjoying every moment since the launch. It is a special feeling to work for most sought after domain name
Recommended Courses and Certification
I personally give more weight-age to experience than any certificate. But one should have good analytical skills combined with ability to absorb numbers. Also one most important thing is to have an understanding of user behavior and product acceptability.
Future prospect
Running a successful company with a bunch of sharp minds & using the internet as media for social change.
Achieving Targets
First step is to set the expectations right, never over or under predict the sales targets, they should be well researched and should comply with the market trend and needs. Once the expectations are set right, go with the strengths and first get the low hanging fruits and keep an eye on run-rates.
What can be achieved
The only limit is the knowledge gap (marketing, internet literacy) between the senior management, investors etc with the marketing person. There is a huge difference in traditional and digital new media & we have very few marketing person who expertize in both.
Importance of On line marketing
It is must!
It depend on the kind of product you want to sell, if a product is good and acceptable to users it can sometimes get more word of mouth publicity & virality than no branding campaign can get. And sometimes too much of branding lead to brand fatigue.
Importance of Marketing
My association with the current organization is since launch, hence the importance of my role is similar to the importance of foundation to a building. As the sales are directly proportional to the Marketing numbers achieved, the role is most vital within the organization.
They go hand in hand.
Marketing to me is finding & serving the ready product to the user who needs it & also to make our product available on the platform where the user will come searching for it. Finding the right audience, user, customer etc is the ultimate goal of any organization & it is Marketing which fulfills it.
Role in an organization
I am responsible for online traffic to all the properties of Reporting to CEO, I work closely with marketing, content, product and engineering teams to execute the best possible plans to get online visitors on the portal and find the right audience on relevant platforms.
Motivating Factor
The ease to measure success of a campaign here is unmatched. It is very transparent, the real time reports speaks for your efforts and always keep you on your toes to achieve the goal. And your goals transforms into your company's success and hence your own growth.
Future trend
Clients/corporates are more demanding and hence we are seeing too many unrealistic plans with inflated figures and facts floating in the markets, effecting the overall marketing strategy and creativity behind it.
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