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Strategies that land an edge over the competitors
Software Marketing Strategy Policy
The company not only sells their own built products but also sells competitive and supplementary solutions to customers. Some high value products formally being handled as a var partner are also sold for niche clientele.
The software predominantly is sold by Strategic Alliance Partners ! Strategic Alliance Partners are supposedly to have direct contact with customers - decision makers and influencers and ensuring that the deal takes place. The Strategic Alliance Partners will get lucrative returns on the sales they make with the customer. As they go on and on they shall be able sell more and earn much more.
Only for Large and OEM Enterprises, the software shall be sold directly by the company.
Software is demonstrated using Skype, Lync and TeamViewer, remotely. This aids in reducing costs.  The demonstrations shall be handled by the company to get direct feedback from the customer on the product and more upgrades can be given to the product.
Only Demonstration shall be promoted.  Evaluation shall be for 1 Month only in the SAAS Environment at a discounted price ! And SHALL BE CHARGED if the customer wishes to take it further than 1 Month, on regular basis.
Final sales closure may involve visit to the customer only on Perpetual License Sales. The SAAS Sales are supposedly to be remotely handled.
Strategies Gone Unnoticed or become a Huge-hit
The payment has to be in advance. The software shall go into monthly licensing if the term expires which shall be costly than yearly.
On nonrenewal the software is disabled for further use. Only on confirmed renewal and payment, the appropriate hosting (monthly or yearly) shall also be renewed.

Market share Captured
Currently ! Just opened in the market for Launch ! Building the Strategic Alliance Partner base in India, Bangladesh and neighbouring countries.
Positioning Products in the Market
Domain specific products are added to the base product.
All customization is done to the domain specific products. The base product is universal and shall have all parameterized upgrades.

Creating a Brand Identity
The brand logo shall be in every product and on every brochure, flyer, mail , company documents, blogs, websites and visiting cards.
All products shall bear the same logo.
Product Brochures are standardized with font, sizing, colour standards.

Helping Sales Force Reach Customers
EDM, Advertizing into journals, blogs, Industry associations shall be done.
On leads, the strategic alliance partner available in the region shall be asked to promote the product and meet the customer. The demonstration shall be remotely handled.
Leads received from Strategic Alliance Partners shall also be rewarded appropriately with additional incentives.

About the Company & the Marketing Strategies Used
Please visit and, ,
Trends Seen in Marketing
Right brain marketing shall continue to dominate and shall yield results but left brain marketing helps in making alliances and partnerships.
Virtual Marketing – Conducting meetings on Skype, Microsoft Lync and other solutions shall be over increasingly used for demonstrations and showing the product features.

Biggest Puzzling Point
Customer Decision delays, Travel Costs, Customer being too choosy about Enterprise products (which one to take, which one is more suitable to me).
IT Budgets are Shrinking.

Measuring Engagement of Buyers over a Long Time Frame
1 Year commitment from customer and vendor is required for any engagement else it is not an engagement.
Model of Customers Accurate Buying Behaviour
1. Customer wants to see all its options at a single store.

2. Want to evaluate, evaluate and evaluate (Without spending his time). Finally takes a call to go or not to go for the software.

3. Customer wants more and more things free provided by software vendors !

4. More and more features, lesser operational cost, Reduced / free maintenance.

Thoughts on Social Media Monitoring Tools
Social Media helps in propaganda and making the product known and the service you are offering to colleagues and friends. Reviews help in influencing decisions. Monitoring tools aid in understanding the reach and getting the feedback, positive or negative.
Marketing Tactics followed
Push a solution to the community which influences and use the software as a necessity.
Past, Present and Future of Marketing for Marketing Experts

Marketing shall continue to remain as the most lucrative career ! Strong, to the point communication, online communication – virtual meetings, mobile communications shall dominate.  

Possibilities & Opportunities seen for the Business
The year of the cloud ! Cloud Computing – Public Cloud shall dominate new businesses, SME Segment ! Private Cloud shall dominate existing enterprises – Large and Medium.
We have positioned all our software products on the Cloud. We have ERP, SFA, CRM and for multiple domains – verticals have Industry Specific Solutions.
Professional Services are available for using Microsoft Products !

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