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Satya Ranjan Panigrahi

Satya Ranjan Panigrahi

corporate consultant
Maruti Suzuki India Limited
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Satya Ranjan Panigrahi's Experience
Corporate Sales Consultant
Maruti Suzuki India Limited, Bangalore, INDIA
Marketing Executive
Just My Neighbour, Bangalore, INDIA
Satya Ranjan Panigrahi's Education

About Satya Ranjan Panigrahi's family

I am from Odisha and my family consist of five members,my father is working in police dept. as Inspector & mother is a home maker,I have an elder brother who is an engineer in KONE INDIA PVT LTD,Bhubaneswar & my sister in law is working as assistant Professor in an engineering college.
Family Background
I am from Odisha and my family consist of five members,my father is working in police dept. as Inspector & mother is a home maker,I have an elder brother who is an engineer in KONE INDIA PVT LTD,Bhubaneswar & my sister in law is working as assistant Professor in an engineering college.
Contribution to the field
Presently i am working with Maruti Suzuki(pratham motors) from past 18th months in Bangalore and pretty happy with my company so far..!! I like the work culture what they have for us.I am enjoying my work here..!!!
Well to be frank i will not suggest anything on this ...but few basic things are there where people should give think about in marketing is like Aggressive in nature,public speaking,Networking(must required),self motivation,decision making,research etc.
Brief yourself
About Myself..okie i am a guy who is believe in dreams & try to achieve all this in reality.Still i am discovering myself in this world and always try to fulfill my family's dream & when i do something for others then i feel proud of myself & its make me happy.I do believe in Gods.(Lord Jagannath)
Importance of On line marketing
Online marketing is a new discovery for business in today's world.Max.people are depend on online network,now peoples can purchase everything through online sites.Most of the companies are looking for online advertisement.for ex.pratham motors itself doing network through Facebook as PRATHAM CARES.
Marketing is the lifeblood and the backbone of any organization.Without this,a firm is good as nothing.For marketing conceives the product,prices it,distributes it among all the logistically feasible areas and promotes it the best way it,every companies are more depends on marketing team.
What can be achieved
If you asking me this question i will say there is no limit for marketing person in today's world because marketing is based on new & creative ideas which comes from every individual & we have consider all this because at the end of the day we need best out of best ideas to implement in our business
Recommended Courses and Certification
Master In Business Administration(MBA)
Importance of 4ps
4Ps in marketing means Product Price Promotion & Place which is most important things in any company to do business because first you should understand about which product, what should the price,where to promote & how to promote to get success at the end of the day.
Future prospect
Who knows about tomorrow but my wish to be after 5 years I want to see my self as a respectable person with more knowledgeable,I would like to gain a lot in terms of experience and knowledge so that I can feel proud of myself and I would be happiest person in this world.
Marketing-The main job is to find the right products for your customers. Selling-The main job is to find the customers for your product.
Future trend
Brand a days peoples are more consist of brand name in every marketing sector need to more proactive in this field and do the best from there designers also increase the brand image.!!!
Importance of STP
Segmentation, targeting,& positioning together comprise a three stage process.We first(1)determine which kinds of customers exist,then(2)select which ones we are best off trying to serve &,finally(3)implement our segmentation by optimizing our products for that segment.
Suggestions to aspirants
According to me,not only for those who want to career in marketing but also for everyone that always remember three words in life i.e.,
Achieving Targets
first of all trying to know the problem where the sales team is lacking..!! what they want to do better..ask for a open meeting where give chance to everyone to share their ideas & creativity according to their thought i take a final call towards achieving the target.!!
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