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Shyam Sundar Znwar

Shyam Sundar Znwar

Managing Director, Alacurity Services
Holding Pvt Ltd
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Strategies that land an edge over the competitors
We see current various healthcare service providers in fragmented position, especially when it comes to preventive and patient assistance services. There is no existing prequalified resources which can be used by potential client.  Our one stop concierge gives us a unique positioning and competitive edge.

Market share Captured
This is a new niche we are creating. There is a huge demand of upto say 2000 potential patients to be served in a city each Day Basis. We have just started serving hence market share is not the correct word but generated significant market attention.

About the Company & the Marketing Strategies Used
Internet & social media marketing, PR & Advertising, Brand Exercise, National Level conference & seminars and health camps for corporate.
Biggest Puzzling Point
Quality and qualified service providing resources
Positioning Products in the Market
One stop solutions, comprehensive, economic, in-reach, quality and in time, and selection of vendors after thorough diligence. Professional service providers.
Creating a Brand Identity
Word of mouth, customer testimonials, our vendor speak, Camps at corporate locations, one to one meetings and PR.
Measuring Engagement
By definition the health care is long term in nature. If we are providing quality service, this is a lifetime engagement with the patient.

Model of Customers Accurate Buying Behaviour
No it is a retail business where we work with clients who are coming from different geography, education background, and having different ways to approach us. We are getting clients through website, through search engines, referrals, word of mouth and many other ways. Each patient has to be engaged differently as per his requirement and background.

Factors Influencing a Purchase Decision
When it comes to one’s own health, real time suffering.
Thoughts on Social Media Monitoring Tools
Effective, highly communicative. Adds to our efforts.
Marketing Tactics followed
Quality healthcare, service, comfort, prequalification of vendors, Online communication, representing patient in front of service providers, tax benefits, Knowledgeable partner.
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