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Vijay Kumar Walia

general manager
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Head/ VP/ GM-Mktg
Head/ VP/ GM-Mktg
Sales/ BD Mgr
MR Exec./ Mgr

About Vijay Kumar Walia's family

In my family there are four members. Myself,my wife ,a son and a daughter.
Family Background
In my family there are four members. Myself,my wife ,a son and a daughter.
Contribution to the field
I work for Pearl Drinks Limited which is a franchsee of PEPSI in India. I haed the Pet Division of the company for the past more than seven years.I have been working in Pearl Drinks Limited for the past fourteen years.We sell one of the fastest moving beverage PEPSI and our company is aprofessional
Growth Prospect in marketing
Marketing has innumerable advantages to climb the ladder of success in case all the jobs are performed with persverence and efforts of excellence.There is a great learning too in this field since one comes in contact with various personnels from various field.When one succeeds one acheives rewards
Brief yourself
I started my carrer as a medical representative and worked with an MNC Pharma company for eighteen years and topped in India for three years and earned two promotions.i have forty years marketing experience in diversed fields.I have written a book on the subject by the title AN EDIOT WHO SOLD A SHIP
Recommended Courses and Certification
My reccomend that all the efforts of excellence should be put in the job with dedication and perseverce to accompalish the desired objectives.It is better to try and fail than not trying at all and hug failure before starting.One should not be hesitant to take calculated risks and be innovative.
Achieving Targets
The target should first be broken into smaller targets and then the fielde force should be motivated to accomlish the smaller objects and when as a team they accomplish these smaler objectives they feel charged to accompalish the greater task.appreciation of the well done task futher motivates team.
Importance of On line marketing
This a challenge and in case righly implemented should acheive the desired results.
Importance of STP
All these are very important for the overall success of the project.Right positioning and targeting of the product goes a long way for the success of the product.These are the basics of PRODUCT LAUNCH AND SUCCESS and should never ever be overlooked.
What can be achieved
Sky is the limit of a marketing person in the corporate world. The person can go to any hight in the corporate world with dedication, efforts of excellence and passion for the job and above all the intelligent application of the skills possessed.
Marketing is ful fillig the need of the pospect with your porduct.The prospect must feel that the product being sold to the customer will ful-fill the need.
Future prospect
I have achieved enough in life neverthless i am still learning which is an ever ending process.
In sellind one sells a product for a particular amont of money where as in marketing one creats a need of one's product so that later comes forward to purchase it for the benefits.
Positioning the product
This entirely depends on the kind of products the company has.
Marketing is an art in itself.
At this moment we got to act as a leader.Tell the team let by gone be bygone and appreciate the quality possessed by each individual of the team.Reiterate the kind of efforts put up by the team and also harp on the subject THAT WINNERS NEVER AND QUITERS NEVER WIN. After night there has to be dawn.
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