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Gireesankochi Varma

Gireesankochi Varma

regional manager
Focuz computers
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Gireesankochi Varma's Experience
Focuz computers, KOCHI
Gireesankochi Varma's Education
Upcoming Trends
service industry is thriving day to day and those who are better performing in quality,quandity survive in the market. Better servicing creates better prospects for a company and it can create a brand image.
Current Job description
our company is "FOCUZ" group having diversified organizations from commercial vehicles to IT enabled services.I am in the IT sector engaged in the marketing of service especially in the corporate sector.
My family background
married , two children staying in kochi
Education system in India
from schools or academic sources knowledge we getting is only fundamentals. facing a tough situation an experienced person can succeed at every faces of life. In the long run he will only succeed in the competition.
Becoming good marketing professionals
No.Marketing and sales are entirely different segments. Marketing only few people can do. It means a concept or product to find areas or sources to a sale. The marketing person has to acclimatize with the areas to operate, see the hurdles, price factors and to do a systematic apprisal of what is done and what is to be done.
Effect of sales on an organization
sales should generate profit at all levels. At the same time profit should not be the only goal.It is a mutual benefit. The person has to grow and the company has to prosper.
Developing a country
Professional has to give, guide as a friend in respective areas they works. development dream becomes a reality when figures will talk. behind all realities there is a leader. "AMUL" in gujarat is a gloriful achievement of the history of india.
Importance of brand image
branding is a must for any organization
Motivating team members
a team leader himself is the primary or first person in the team. If a person fails in sales the leader has to pacify him and encourage for a better start. give him all help personally in presence and performance. admire him in his success and stay with him when a sad thing comes
My advice to upcoming professionals
first come first serve is the basis. avoid all doubts and laziness.clear the way and proceed..correct all mistakes and the understand the things in the right spirit. survival is the essential need of a human being
Comparing Online sales with hardcore sales
hard core only succeed in the long run. seeing a customer, talking to him, interacting with him and a good smile will cultivate a good business structure. A good inter action will make the customer for a long period.
Essential qualification required
no other requirements needed.willingness to do hardwork alone make a person success ful.
Handling new territory
when there is a trafic bloc we are deviating from the main route but any way we have to reach the goal. difficulties comes but we have to overcome the barriers.
Essential skills
He should be dynamic, sincere in work and credibility, close to the customer, willingness to listen than a speaker. He should act as a solution provider or a helping hand. customer is calling when a need comes. A professional consider the customer need as his own and act for the customer
All my achievements are done with the help of god. A good positive mind is needed for any achievement. where ever we go plese remind that all these are given by god. see good ,do good and be good .This is my slogan
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