Wedding Traditional Marketing with New Age Marketing, All with One Tone

Marketing isn't a new concept and with many platforms to promote a brand, companies fail to speak one language-tone about their offerings, thus creating a fragmented picture in the minds of the consumers. Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) aims at addressing this issue but not many companies have understood how standalone marketing efforts are killing their brands silently. Hence there is a slow move towards IMC. But the organizations that have transformed themselves towards this arrangement are reaping the rewards in terms of higher RoI in marketing activities.

IMC also increases brand's equity and market share by carefully linking together all forms of communications and messages. As India is a growing market, global companies are eyeing a pie of it and hence integrating all marketing tools and efforts will become inevitable for communications. Hence conflicting messages from different sources or promotional approaches can confuse company or brand image, especially when they are handled by individual functional experts. Web cannot alone be used to build brands and hence the best bet is to wed traditional branding efforts with the interactivity and services capabilities of online communications. And IMC does it the perfect way.

If you are also in search of a IMC provider who can help you take your brands to newer heights and make it have a strong presence among the consumers, our current edition of siliconindia Magazine will help you find one. Our listing of `10 Most Promising Integrated Marketing Communications Providers ­ 2021' will help you to find that one umbrella that offers marketing across various platforms but with one tone. Read to know more about them.

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