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Customer Segmentation
How to segment the customer?
Asked by Hardik Nayak | Mar 27 2014 | Report this Report abuse
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First question, to ask is why do you want to segment the data?

Second is, if the information that you have is not enough how do you get access to the same from external or internal sources.

Thirdly, What do you plan to do with this segmentation.

Post you have answers to these three question, you can begin the excel work to slice and dice your data to your target market.
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If you don’t do or “get” segmentation, your business is really missing out on dollars and opportunities. Segmentation is the secret weapon of any effective marketing program. In it’s simplest form, segmentation basically involves putting your customers into “like” groups; women or men, for example. Ever wondered why we segment or how someone decided on segmenting?
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