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Mobile Marketing Strategy
How Mobile marketing strategy helps business?
Asked by Anu Dasgupta | Mar 25 2014 | Report this Report abuse
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Yes, Depends on what you are planning to sell and who your target audience is.

Mobile marketing combines with Big Data and Location Based Services, helps B2C going business connect with its loyal customers replacing loyalty cards.

Building owners, if they have an app ... are able to locate residents of the building in case of a fire. There by promotion safety.

Think of it is how internet was in the time it began. Translate the same history and we may see use cases with a business case to form a strategy in this case it is mobile based.
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Marketing Strategy Local mobile CRM solutions allow you to create, execute and track mobile customer relationship management (mCRM) campaigns to communicate more effectively and conveniently with customers and staff. While traditional customer contact methods can be costly and deliver low response rates, Marketing Strategy Local mobile CRM solutions are proven to significantly increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer contact costs by as much as 30%.Our mobile CRM solutions can be used to mobilise inbound customer care channels, allowing customers to ‘self-serve’. Frequently asked questions, customer service enquiries and status updates are just some of the routine communications that can be automated through Marketing Strategy Local mobile technology.
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