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Type of marketing do you recommend
type of marketing do you recommend: institutional marketing to build image or direct marketing to generate inquiries from prospective clients
Asked by Deepti Raheja | Jan 11 2013 | Report this Report abuse
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Hi, I run a Training institute(Business communication and Arts)in bangalore, just want some tips to get more enquires to boost my business by marketing method. Please suggest me..
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Brand marketing can most of the times be a very vague term since it’s not aimed at any response in particular. To quote author Michael Ellsberg, "It gobbles up massive budgets, with the aim of painting a pretty “picture” in your mind of the product or service, or giving you a warm, fuzzy feeling when you think about it—in the hopes that that pretty picture or warm, fuzzy feeling might cause you to buy it, maybe, one day, down the line when you’re in a store and you happen to see the product."
Most of the times the term “Direct marketing” have a bad ring at people because of the bad sleazy, cheesy direct marketing (eg,spam mails) out there. And that’s why most of the marketers prefer the “no pain” situation by concentrating their efforts on the so called “image or brand advertising”.
But if you learn high integrity ways to practice direct response marketing, it becomes a shockingly cost-effective way of getting the word about your product or service. And this is because of the simple fact that they’re aimed at causing a specific response to occur.
Therefore I recommend high integrity direct response marketing because of two simple reasons-It gets you results “now”, and creates a compelling brand in the long run without being your marketing efforts going unfocused.
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If you look at a typical installation, you can see how we judge our success.Assume that your campaigns need to be based on the concept of "it's not a matter of if they will buy from you, it's just a matter of when."
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If the purpose of your marketing program is to improve your image and not generate inquiries, then an institutional approach might be all you need. But if you want calls from prospective clients, make sure the marketing method you choose is built on sound, proven principles of direct marketing.
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