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How to Create Your "Unique Selling Proposition"
Asked by Sapna khosla | Mar 28 2014 | Report this Report abuse
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Unique in this case might not mean different but common. Simple terms line up a spread sheet with your existing customer and see what sells, which is contribution to more profit margins and customer testimonials.

Post that see other clients who share a similar storyline of need. Map the same with your service or product and tell them is simple words how they will befit from your service.
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In today's competitive market, your business cannot thrive if you are using the same old "me too" marketing that everyone else is using. Your small business absolutely positively has to have a USP that "cuts through the clutter", separates you from the competition, and positions you as the best choice... the ONLY choice
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What makes you more unique, more valuable, and more visible in the market? You've heard the old saying "Differentiate or Die" right? In our highly competitive world, you have to be unique and fill a special niche to be successful in the marketplace. Yet one of the most harmful mistakes small businesses make is not being unique and positioning themselves as the best choice in the market. How do you show that your product or service is the best?
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