• Jeevi Films: Caution the Wind of Change
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    Jeevi Films: Caution the Wind of Change

    We are storytelling creatures who seek to report experience, clarify tangled emotion, define and amuse ourselves through narrative: jokes, anecdotes, myth, romance, parable, folktale, history, fiction. Stories, it is argued, inspire, heal, inform, and empower: forms of consciousness, ways of thinking that help us to deal with the unexpected, to imagine other possibilities. The entire multi-billion dollar filmmaking industry is built on the insatiable human desire to experience, tell and see stories through film confirming the importance of learning storytelling. Hailing from a modest family, Bhavana Goparaju too is a storyteller at heart. However, her journey in the film industry was not a cake-walk. Bhavana prioritized necessities over her personal ambitions. While writing requires...


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