Revvlocity: A Catalyst Of Positive Change In The New-Age Sales & Marketing Services Industry

Abhinav Sharma,CEO While the rapid penetration of technology has helped businesses to increase their efficiency, increasing industry competition is making it difficult for many companies to stand out in the market and create a niche. The importance of sales and marketing is increasing rapidly with innovative and technologycentric sales and marketing strategies becoming the need of the hour. Revvlocity is a pioneering business organization in the sales and marketing space and the company combines its passion for sales with its extensive domain expertise to help its clients grow and reach greater heights in their respective industries.

Kejal Haria, President

Owing to its commitment to constant innovation and consistent improvement, Revvlocity has been able to make impressive strides in the market and be recognized as a leading lead and demand generation solutions offering company. The fact that Revvlocity works with the top 15 IT services and consulting companies globally further highlights the quality of its services. From demand generation to sales pipeline creation, the company assists its client in a plethora of areas. As of now, Revvlocity has offices in Bangalore, Mohali, USA, and has operations in North America, Europe, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, the Middle East, and Africa aside from India.

Aspiring for excellence
Revvlocity is a new age dynamic business organization that was established by industry experts Abhinav Sharma who currently holds the office of CEO at the company and Kejal Haria who is the President. Leveraging their multiple decades of experience working in various geographies, both the founders wanted to create a company that is innovative and customercentric. As of now, Revvlocity has created an extensive service portfolio to cater to the varied requirements of its clients and it is divided into four segments – Lead Generation, Data Intelligence, Research, ABS (Account Based Selling), and Digital. Under lead generation, Revvlocity is a pioneer in E2E (Enterprise to Enterprise) appointment setting.

Here, the company builds a highly accurate and customized database with its client’s target prospects and their key decision-makers. Revvlocity’s experienced sales specialists leverage important insights about the purchase behavior of key decision-makers to get its clients that all-important meeting. The clients get access to a team of experienced ‘Growth Specialists’ who are completely dedicated to their success. Starting from discovery and onboarding to building an effective campaign model and executing the campaign, Revvlocity is a one-stop solution provider in the E2E appointment setting services vertical. Aside from this, it also offers events lead optimization and inbound lead qualification, and outreach services in the lead generation segment. Adding more about its E2E appointment-setting services, Kejal Haria says “Our teams set up over 10000 high-potential meetings
every year, and over 80 percent are high-touch appointments with executives of large enterprises.

We match leads with an impressive accuracy of over 90 percent, and have helped our clients build multi-million dollars in sales pipeline and convert hundreds of customers. As generating SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) is a key area that many companies struggle with, we go the extra mile to ensure the desired results for our clients”. Aside from this, in the data intelligence vertical, Revvlocity offers comprehensive database management, account intelligence and account maps, and sales analytics services. Also, when it comes to research, Revvlocity has an in-house research team with significant cross-industry experience. They will provide customized market research and deep insights for the clients. Under ABS services, Revvlocity helps its clients to get the right customers much more efficiently and this coupled with the company’s immense digital marketing expertise ensures the highest ROI for its clients.

Customer-Centricity at its Finest
When asked about what separates Revvlocity from its competitors, Abhinav Sharma says “We deliver what we have promised to the customer and we have an impressive client retention ratio which currently stands at three plus years for each client. The DNA of the company is sales and ever since our inception, we have been able to gain credibility in the market owing to the quality of our services. We have also built a large network of executives who helps us to better understand the challenges they face which in turn allows us to improve the effectiveness of our offerings”.

To ensure optimal customer satisfaction, Revvlocity conducts weekly cadence calls, and the clients are updated on the progress of the campaign on a daily basis. Each client will have a dedicated team supporting them which ensures a smooth flow of communication as well. Employees of an organization play a crucial role when it comes to determining its success and for Revvlocity, employee welfare is a top priority. Aside from impressive incentives (the highest in the industry), the company has also carefully created an inclusive work culture that not only motivates its employees but also challenges them to grow and reach their true potential. All this has helped Revvlocity to have an impressive employee retention ratio as well which currently stands at four years.

The meticulous attention given to ensuring the success of its clients has helped Revvlocity to not just create but also maintain an impressive clientele and the company currently works with 15 of the top 20 publicly listed IT companies in India, 20 leading CMOs of the Indian IT industry, and more than two dozen US technology providers. The company has a strong market presence in multiple industry verticals including Healthcare and Life sciences (HLS), BFSI, Manufacturing, Retail, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Telecommunications, and Energy Natural Resources.

Over the years, Revvlocity has been a part of many success stories including one in which it accelerated a global IT conglomerate’s demand generation engine to build a $1.6 billion sales pipeline. Here, Revvlocity’s client was able to leverage its strategic E2E appointment-setting services to improve its sales pipeline across multiple verticals as well as geographies. Aside from this, another marketleading InfoSec organization was able to conduct an indepth investigation into the maturity of IT security and vulnerability management across the world with the help of Revvlocity.

Owing to its commitment to constant innovation & consistent improvement, Revvlocity has been able to make impressive strides in the market & be recognized as a leading lead & demand generation solutions offering company

Revvlocity is a frontrunner in innovation and technology adoption and the company leverages newage technologies to not only enhance the quality of its offerings but also to streamline its business operations. The company is currently working on an in-house sales CRM which will help its clients seamlessly access their reports, and progress, and understand the efficiency/ success of every campaign. Aside from this, Revvlocity has an in-house database that has an impressive accuracy of 85 percent.

The company with its state-of-the-art delivery center in Mohali aspires to push the boundaries of conventional sales and marketing solutions to offer better results for its clients. Also, Revvlocity ensures GDPR compliance and has a stringent data privacy policy. To ensure optimal security and prevent data thefts, the stored data is protected by multi-factor authentication. Evolving with the changing times, Revvlocity aspires to continue its positive growth trajectory and focus on investing significantly in increasing its sales team.

The company also has plans on increasing the emphasis on continuous training and development of its employees to make them better sales professionals. Aside from this, Revvlocity is also aiming to add another delivery center in India and start a sales office in UK/Europe in the future. With all this, the company is aspiring to be synonymous with world-class sales and marketing solution services across the globe.