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CRM can succeed!
Ajay Kelkar
Ajay Kelkar
COO, Hansa Cequity
Experienced business manager with 20 years of experience across Retail, Finance and Consumer go... more>>
CRM implementation often fail! It isn't to do with the technology or the software but the issue lies more in the Organization dynamics. Who drives CRM-is it the CMO's job or does the CIO take the initiative? Who really owns it & how it can be co owned across key members of the company's hierarchy? But it needn't be like this, CRM can succeed!

According to me, there are a few key questions that CEO's should ask themselves before they set off on this strategy

  • Should we move incrementally or do a big bang CRM implementation? Moving incrementally would involve taking on specific aspects of CRM & ensuring you have a "winning case study" before going on to the next piece.
  • CRM can broadly have 3 pillars: Service, Sales & Analytics. Where would you like to start? Analytics is the most central & would impact a smaller number of employees to begin with & therefore could be an easier start. Both Sales & service would impact large workforces & need significant change to happen.
  • Should technology adoption precede the move or should there be an aggressive move to change Process & structure first & then a sequential move on to the Technology adoption?
  • How the CRM initiative should be launched within the organization. How do you give it the thrust similar to the launch of a 'new product or service' in the marketplace?

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