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Toshiyuki Yamamoto
Toshiyuki Yamamoto
CEO, Chatwork
Toshi Yamamoto is an entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley as CEO of ChatWork Japan and US.
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If you are still spending most of your time handling emails, there is a good chance that you haven't yet heard of ChatWork. ChatWork is a cloud-based communication platform for companies and teams. It enables people to conduct business discussion collaboratively using an instant messaging platform at anytime and anyplace from multiple devices. Since launching in March 2011, ChatWork has signed up over 200,000 users, with most users based in Asia. The company is now bringing its service to the United States and Europe to introduce a better way of business communication to the world.

In addition to instant messaging, ChatWork allows business people to manage tasks within a team. Tracking what people are working on is one of the hardest things about managing team. In order to solve this problem, it enables users to create and assign tasks to other team members who can update when the task is completed.

File sharing through ChatWork eliminates the problems you most likely find when trying to find files or attachments shared between multiple people. By using this all-in-one communication platform, you can easily keep tracks of files based on conversations. Users are able to upload files of up to 5GB.

Video chat, one feature that had been frequently requested, was released in May 2013. With ChatWork, users are able to turn on video chat for up to 14 participants as well as conducting screen sharing. Users can connect on the phone and tablets with ChatWork mobile app. The app is also available for both iOS and Android. A future update allow users to video chat without downloading a plug-in. Also they will add a chat box within a video chat window, so that users can take notes without constantly switching windows.

"With our searchable chat conversations, task management, file sharing, and now - video chats and screen sharing - our simple platform is a clever way to increase team productivity and decrease information overload," ChatWork CEO Toshiyuki Yamamoto says. ChatWork was chosen as the "happiest company" with the best employee satisfaction in Japan in 2011 and 2012, so you can imagine how effective and productive they are able to work utilizing ChatWork. ChatWork offer users a free version to try out their service, and you can increase cloud storage and number of users, with pricing starting at $0.99 a month.

ChatWork has made a great soft landing on the Asian market.

ChatWork Inc
440 North Wolfe Road Sunnyvale, CA 94085
9891727267 (Indian Representative)
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