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Kapil Matta
Kapil Matta
Head Markets
Kapil Matta is a post graduate in Business (Finance & Economics) from Auckland University of ... more>>
In this digital day and age when everyone and everything is on the move; the demands and challenges have changed drastically. Every day brings with it a set of new challenges as a marketer and need to find solutions to act on it fast. In this entire drill we forget the very basics of marketing. Every year billions of dollars are used up on marketing budgets, plans and activities. The marketing spends seems to be a lot in comparison to the sales or revenue figures and the management then has only thing on their mind ROI???

There were initially four P’s or pillars of marketing then came fifth – people and now marketers have to
deal with a new pillar ROI?

In my opinion marketers have to perceive the big picture i.e. BRAND (products, events, partners,
employees, customers etc.) v/s the BRANDING (logo and marketing) which they more often feel need
more focus and attention.

The biggest question is how does one bring a paradigm shift in this thought? How to focus on the brand
and in turn a global audience (create something regardless of societies, traditions & culture) in this era
of globalization?

The answer to this is a thorough self assessment of internal v/s external objectives.

Internal objectives would be based on the framework of delineate or description to understand, clarify
and connect within the organization at various levels and with different stakeholders.

External objectives would broadly categorize as an expression of the brand in terms of its identity,
intellectual property (assets) and touch points.

This leads us to an interesting thought “can you show me the big apple?” The point here is how to
rearrange the missing links to the big picture.

Strategizing and roll outs to such initiative are quite demanding and has to be meticulously implemented
to obtain desired ROI.

The “dragonfly effect”: small acts can create a big change. The four wings of the dragonfly are in concert
(coordinated) similarly marketers have pay attention to detail to four factors:

1. Focus on one big idea or goal.
2. Grab attention by using emotions through images.
3. Engage by crafting a good story.
4. Take action by giving wings to your ideas and stories into realty.

Marketers conventionally have been working on the consumer experience. Successful strategy is the
one to look at the overall customer journey.

Customer journey = Envisage + Experience + Recall.

The best entry strategy for any marketer is just before prediction i.e. to opt from the set of variables.
The new wave of customer value proposition is adding emotion to the predefined benefits and price;
the surprise element (emotions) to make every experience a memorable one.

Successful marketers or innovative brands work on the model of creating an emotional bond with their
clients or consumers. This can be achieved through:

1. Small surprises or gush of joy which can be shared in form of stories
2. These experiences or memorable stories help in driving the brand value or reputation.
3. Finally overall experience with your customers, employees, vendors or third parties forms the
basis of culture of the organization.

The most desirable and cost effective way to reach out to the world is through harnessing social media
marketing and engaging customers; there are many case studies of brands that are working on these

Case study: The Coca Cola spreading happiness campaign.

Case Study: delivering happiness

Case Study: Using social media to save lives: Robert Chatwani.

Marketers need to understand their target audience and use of social media platforms to engage them
rather than going for the overkill.

Final thoughts for marketers on the mantra of innovation through social media for next few years to

Justify Stakeholders ROI.

Focus on the big picture i.e. Brand and not branding.

Define clearly external and internal objectives.

Dragonfly effect: small acts can create big change i.e. harnessing social media.

Our biggest asset is a clear mind and a big idea; we need to find light to ignite it.
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