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Mobile Marketing - True mobile marketing strategy
Sachin Garg
Sachin Garg
CEO, Wit Innovation Technologies
A technologist who is now into information technology startup.He is specialized in Offshore servi... more>>
Marketing is one of the most important aspect of any business. Lately i am seeing that India is also catching up with more mature western markets and marketers are focused on Social media, SEO, PPC sort of latest trends. Though its a good thing, i feel there are several other areas which need to be focused upon. For example mobile marketing. In India alone there are 700+ Million active mobile connections.

Worstout of them 59% don't access Computers at all ( less than once in a month ). That makes it even more important in a context like India.Until recently mobile marketing meant sms marketing which was already sort of spam and now lost its sheen due to new TRAI regulations,However now smartphones ( iPhones, Android and BlackBerries ) are growing at a rapid pace and companies need to think of alternate mobile strategy to reach out to smart phones and non-smart phones both. They run in similar manner as other channels like pay per click or pay per visit. There are some really interesting mobile marketing channels like ad mob, sms2cash etc which should be used to reach out to these otherwise unreachable people. The best part is mobile marketing much more cost effective as compared to any other channel at the moment.Once everyone starts using it the competition will increase and so may prices as today's PPC campaigns.
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