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Where Has All The Good Marketing Gone?
Debamita Nag
Debamita Nag
Business Head, Cinemax India
A multi-tasking , analytical professional with a practical hands on approach in operations, admin... more>>
How does the term "Good" exist !

"Good" is very relative word in terms for marketing. If we go by the dichotomy of the word "good", it results with the concept of morality. Marketing is a process of communication and establishing communication to the consumer, for the consumer and by the consumer which initiates by the manufacturer or the service provider.

What is Marketing!

The question " what is marketing" , can attract many debate for mind masters of the field. A consumers perspective is whom is seen or heard to him most to access his desired product/service and a way to choose his option. In a nut shell marketing is nothing but a communication process to up sell or make visible the product / service. It creates the buzz around that I'm here and how I'm the best suitable for you. It is a tool to identify who needs the product /service or to create a need for it. It's a bonding if created strongly can bring you a loyal relation with your target consumer in recycling manner for any product you create.

Marketing is all about create the feel for the product in consumers mind.

So a good marketing is about to be an effective communication which creates the feel for the product and creates its need in consumer's mind.

Scopes of Marketing in cross business

A very simple example of creating need within present scope-

Mr. A has recently posted on his disgust on a blog about going to a local gas station, and being bombarded by ads from the gas pump as he was fuelling up. The commercials were there to satisfy the gas station's wants and needs directly. The station knew that while Tim was fuelling, he was a 'captive audience', so he HAD to listen to the station's commercial. And he knew it as well, and resented the station pushing commercials on him that he didn't want to hear.

The situation has enough scope for fulfilling need for another product - as if the station had instead offered free hand sanitizer at every pump? That directly solves a problem that many customers have, getting back in their car after filling up, with hands that smell like gas. And that have touched the same pump that thousands of other strangers have.

The commercials satisfy the station's wants and needs directly. The hand sanitizer satisfies the wants and needs of the customer directly. All other things being equal, which would make you more likely to give a gas station your business, free ads, or free hand sanitizer? The best to create market is to search for cross business scopes in existing market rather than pushing invisible.

Examples of some effective marketing

As I have been more in entertainment so can remember easily few from Hollywood and Bollywood Industry.

The James Bond film series pioneered The Bond film "The Man with the Golden Gun"(1974) features extensive use of AMC cars, even in scenes in Thailand, where AMC cars were not sold, and had the steering wheel on the wrong side of the vehicle for the country's roads. The two prior Bond films use vehicles from Ford or its subsidiaries.

Almost every car was made by "General Motors" was placed in the films "Bad Boys II (2003), The Matrix Reloaded (2003)", and "Transformers (2007)".

In the video game F.E.A.R., all of the laptops and other computers in the game feature a Dell screensaver. Similarly, "Metal Gear Solid" 4 features various Apple products, such as laptop and desktop computers, as well as an in-game iPod. Most characters in this game have 'Sony cellular phones'.

Apple uses the scope of cross business scopes in "barter deals". Which has been proved to be very effective. Apple products have appeared in newspaper comic strips, including Opus, Baby Blues, Non Sequitur, and FoxTrot.

Mission Impossible features heavy use of Apple products.

In American Idol, Coca-Cola cups are always seen on the judges' table.

In the"Back to the future trilogy" Pizza Hut's products in 2015 include an instant pizza that can be hydrated for immediate consumption. Pepsi Cola is also featured widely.

1940 classic 'Chalti Kaa naam Gadi' with the brand Coca Cola.

The movie Dilwale Dulhanyiyan Le Jayenge of the 1990s was a successful story of launching of "Stroh beer" in Indian market. Today, product placement is used as an often used marketing strategy for the advertisers in Hindi films too.

Tag Heuer in Don .
Coke in Dhoom2 .
Singapore Tourism Board in Krrish.

In Karthik Calling Karthik, when the Farhan Akhtar transforms from meek loser to dark go getter- his makeover happens at Shoppers Stop. Shoppers Stop has wrung further benefit from this by plastering Shoppers Stop premises with posters of Farhan as he appears in the shopping scenes in the film. So you go to the movie and see the store. And you go to the store and see the movie.

Kingfisher calendar is a easily remembered strategy to make Kingfisher product remembered in young India's mind crossing the class barrier for its beer.

Volkswagen had effective marketing in IPL2011 .
Dove is an lively example of creating market with women’s dignity campaign with real women.

In my memory the best ever effective marketing is always been 'Maggi'

Nestle launched its noodles in the Indian market in the early 1980's. Nestle wanted to explore the potential for such an Instant food among the Indian market & it initiated to create the need . Now it enjoys around 50% market share in this segment which is valued at around 1300 crores. The product is still on its creative thrive to create new campaigns and feel in its consumers mind. "Guess the taste" and "me & meri wali maggi" are two campaign which are helping the noodle king to ensure its market share.

Maggi has done its psychological journey in consumers mind with changing social habits.

Moral of all examples for effective marketing is still around with many success stories . The buzz market is very much crowed so the percentage wise we find decreased effective marketing strategy in comparison to past's clear air limited marketing age.

We are hopeful to get more effective ideas with more cross business opportunities breaking the barriers and notions . It will help us to control marketing investment in useful manner. Effective marketing results "A Win-Win" for both the consumer and the company.

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