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Why mobile app up your product ?
Divya Purnaiya
Divya Purnaiya
Director Sales and Marketing, App Me In
Divya is a marketing expert with over 10 years of ... more>>
A brand needs apps .

a. The high penetration of smart phones in the market . In the brands target market.
b. The smart phone today is well, just that, much more than a phone, and a solution provider for your consumers on the move.
c. Smartphone customers interact with their phone all the time. No really , the next time you are at a restaurant just look around and see how many of your co-diners can keep their hands off the phone for the duration of one meal, and then you will get what I mean.

What kind of a brand needs a mobile app?
I would say all B2C brands need a strong mobile presence at this stage in the product life cycle of smart phones.
Brands need tier one apps. The closest equivalent being a website that gives out information. Websites give information to all seekers, and mobile apps are a dashboard on your customers phone - for your brand and information centered around the brand.
The longevity of these kind of tier one apps is eternal, with the content being dynamic.

Tier 2 apps are closer to television ads in terms of more standard media. These are apps that are fewer in nature , probably like the Starbucks Xmas campaigns . With an exciting smart phone feature built in , for the excitement, and if the brand is lucky for the viral spread. The big plus, is an enforcement of either brand values or brand personality ( if the app got it right), and the other great advantage in this social media friendly age is the high likelihood of the app paying for its own worth. The big disadvantage is the lower roi. Creative that brilliant costs the brand a lot and ensuring that your potential audience gets targeted with the app is a risk a brand might be forced to take. Also the shelf life of these apps are fairly low. If your target customer is an upwardly mobile, difficult to please , youngster , who gets excited with new things and is a constant seeker of new experiences, its worth our while, and your brands to invest in these.

Tier 3 apps are a great combination of the above two. Rewarding your most loyal customers, and providing enough information and branding excitement to get your curious strayers excited. These are apps that probably have contests that link the brand, allow social network integration, a coupon or download section et al.

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