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MUMBAI:  The U.S. will join as a 'partner country' for the 7th Vibrant Gujarat Global Investor Summit scheduled to be held in Gandhinagar, Gujarat early next year, it was announced ... more>>
Bangalore: What can be better than helping your community and boosting your brand’s reputation at the same time? Exactly. Cause marketing can be highly beneficial for your business as time... more>>
Bangalore: Have you felt that the use overly kind words like ‘please’ may prove to be somewhat of an old-fashioned terminology on today’s social media? Well, not really. New fi... more>>
Bangalore: It’s every marketers business to find out, learn about and then employ influencing tactics in order to attract target audiences.  For retailers, shopping is the art of pers... more>>
Bangalore: Social Media Week -- All earned media is not created equal. A new report from House Party, Inc, a leading social marketing platform, was released today demonstrating why brands need t... more>>
Bangalore: With change in time and technology the way marketing is done on products and services by its companies has changed too. Internet has been used extensively for marketing purpose and ne... more>>
Bangalore: A survey conducted by London based firm Citipeak Promotions LTD found that when asked, 7 out of 10 people felt more loyal towards a brand after they had purchased ... more>>
Bangalore: Building an online business takes a good deal of work, dedication and skill in order to make it successful. Of the many skills needed to insure that a website maxi... more>>
Bangalore: The internet is loaded with marketing tips and advice, marketing infographics and what not? At the end of the day all of such marketing material is essentially aim... more>>
Bangalore: If you happen to feel like an alien in the marketing area and are unsure about where you should begin, then take your very progressive baby steps with inbound marketing.  Inbound Marketing works really well when it comes to online promotion; i... more>>
Bangalore: Aquent, the leading global staffing organization dedicated to marketing, creative, and digital professionals, today announced the results of the study, "Planning for Mobile Marke... more>>
Bangalore: We are most likely to spot ads in almost any given form of media today, but what do consumers feel about ads?  Do the plentiful ads we see on social media have any impact on cons... more>>
Bangalore: Recently released market research on the effectiveness of press releases shows that advertising your business on the internet in this way beats the cost of traditional pay per click s... more>>
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