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3 Cost-effective methods of Social Advertising

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, October 11, 2012
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Bangalore: Facebook today is more or less a marketers playground. If you haven’t yet noticed, the Facebook team recently revamped the social site, making the media more advertisement friendly. If you look closely at your home page, it’s hard not to notice the sponsored stories that have begun creeping its way in to the daily news feed.

Investing in ads on Facebook is unarguably a wise decision. However, if there are cost-effective methods of doing so, why not choose to give it a go? Here we list out some strategies you could employ that would serve you better when it comes to saving in on unnecessary ad expenditure; as reported by Stan Johnson for

Use a Third Party Platform
Although Facebook’s Ad Manager might be effective, that doesn’t necessarily give you the features you would need to help keep track of your ads in order to cut costs. What you would require to solve the dilemma is a third party platform. There are probably quite a few tools that will help serve the purpose but Qwaya’s ad management tool is commendable. Qwaya can be considered to be the top-rated ad-management tool due to its easy-to-use, streamlined features and its ability for creating, splitting and tracking campaigns and ad analytics with no difficulty.

Targeting Your Prospects
Always be sure to target only your prospects. Targeted ads are reported to bring to a business a much better ROI, as compared to just splashing money on ads that wouldn’t yield you much ROI. Split up your campaign on the bases of either gender, age demographics to appropriately sort out your target strategy.

Use Sponsored Stories
Yet another way to engage your prospective customers is to use Sponsored Stories. Sponsored stories would be of great benefit as it would in the long run give you value for money invested. Also your ads would be placed in positions that would draw attention from targets. This simply means that you create a better experience and also a much higher user engagement. The conclusion? You’ll now only need fewer ads and will ultimately spend a lot less money.

With such easy-breezy steps to follow, you would need only to get started. Soon you’d be able to enjoy a good ROI by sending out ads through clever cost-effective means.

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