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3 Steps To Niche Marketing

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, November 29, 2012   |    1 Comments
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Bangalore: The best marketing campaigns always have well defined targets and employ tactics that are tailored to reach out to those customers. Today, even campaigns directed at the mass market are broken down into multiple segments in order to create more focused marketing approaches. The most essential elements of niche marketing involve a clear and insightful understanding of the target audience.

Irrespective of whether you are working on a huge campaign with various target audiences or a campaign with just one target market, you can now create a suitable strategy by employing the principles of niche marketing. Here are a few tips that help you with the same, which comes courtesy of Lauren Brown via

Taking the First Step:

The marketplace comprises of innumerable niches that could be your potential customers. However, not all niches are the same and therefore, a smart marketer will be able differentiate among the niches worth pursuing and those better not worth tackling.

In order to make sure that you’ve got the right niche, you would first need to raise a few important questions:

1.    Is this market big enough to be worthy of our attention?  
2.    Does this market promise future growth?
3.    Does it compliment the client’s values and resources?
4.    How does the competitive landscape appear?  Is there a competitor targeting the exact niche whom you may find hard to beat? and
5.    Are there other niches you may consider tapping into?

What are your niche’s needs?

After deciding on the most suitable niche to carry out your marketing campaign, the next important step is to develop the customer profile and understand their exact needs.

Market research is certainly the first step to discovering some crucial insights about your customer and can be undertaken using both formal as well as informal methods. The most cost-effective research tactic is by browsing the web to discover blogs and by visiting websites and publications read frequently by your niche market.

Once you have performed the above mentioned step, focus on organising the data in a meaningful way, in order to create a clear representation of your customers habits and behavior patterns.

Creating tailored marketing Content:

Once you know exactly who your prospects are, you can begin to craft out marketing messages best suited to reach them.

Mind Your Language: The language you use to communicate to your niche is also very important and must be understood by your audience. The best way to build a good rapport and help you in establishing an emotional connection is to mimic the language flow of your receiver. When addressing your customer, think and talk like them, as this will help you connect with customers more effectively.

Communicate Visually: If you decide upon using a creative flow with respect to marketing to a niche, be sure that creativity also connects with the niche audience. Create graphic and branding elements based on what you have learnt about your niche during research. Are they visual? Do they appreciate aesthetics? Or are they more functional and focus on value rather than appearance?

Bull’s-eye marketing strategies: If you intend to chase after more than one niche, you will have to devise a strategy that applies directly to each one, as a one-size-fits-all approach simply does not work well for a campaign.

A marketer who employs niche marketing principles in campaigns is much more likely to create messages that strongly connect with the customers thereby also creating good customer relationships in the process.

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