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8 Tips to Generate Quality Email Leads

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, September 27, 2012   |    1 Comments
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Bangalore: Email marketing is an effective tactic for generating high quality leads. It involves sending out a bi-weekly or a monthly email newsletter. For marketers, this is the first step in customer acquisition. 

Emails produced the highest absolute response rates which are at 4.09 percent for those whose primary objective was to generate leads, according to the DMA’s Response Rate Trends 2007 report. 

However, leveraging email marketing as a lead generation tool needs a strategy. Here is a list of principles to help marketers generate quality leads through emails as posted on and

Respect the receiver: The first principle is to take care of what you are writing. The person you are trying to reach is not a robot but a human who has reason and enough skills to differentiate useful emails from the junks. You will need to ensure that the email has enough information to influence the reader. 

Invading a person’s personal space: Always remember that you are invading an individual’s personal space and seeking his/her time and attention. So make sure that your message is important from their perspective rather than yours.

Target the right people: Start with an offer that is relevant to the target audience. This holds a large part of good lead generation because what appeals the CFO may not appeal the COO.

Landing page: Build a landing page that is clear and concise. After creating the page optimize it according to the needs and requirements of the visitor. 

Craft Several Emails: You will need to send an email that explains the offer.  Reminder mails can be sent to those who did not visit the link and downloaded the offer.  For those who downloaded the product, you will need to send thank you emails that links back to your site and request them for feedbacks.

Categorize: One should categorize the list accordingly based on the segments of people. The categorization can be based on designations, industry type and size. Optimize message to address issues relevant to the particular segment of people. 

Creating interest: Sending informative emails, offering free white papers and eBooks or invitations to webinars will interest the customers and this in turn will increase their trust in you. 

Campaigns to promote: The e-mail should have links like ‘register now’ or ‘submit now’ that directly links to the event registration page. Such links encourage the recipient to take an action. This indirectly increases the visitor’s level of interest and involvement in the solution you offer.

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