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By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, October 25, 2012   |    1 Comments
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Bangalore: In an event that’s got the media and people from all around the globe endlessly talking, you may  have already  guessed  what we're getting to- Red bull’s Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner who took  a leap of faith from 24miles up  to become the only person to break the speed of sound during a free fall venture. Does this spectacular marketing success offer businesses any lessons, especially for travel companies seeking to promote their products? Certainly!! Here we first fill you in on some facts, allowing you to fully picture the magnitude of the Red bull’s marketing event, before noting down a couple of points that could prove beneficial to your business marketing strategies; as reported by


Felix set a record on Oct. 14, 2012 for the highest ever freefall after leaping into the Earth’s atmosphere from a balloon thirty-nine kilometers above Roswell, New Mexico.

His stunt, which was marketed and funded by the energy drink manufacturer- Red Bull, also broke a YouTube record. Over seven million people watched the event on the video service alone.

The event drew much social media commentary. Even the president of Austria, Heinz Fischer, turned to Facebook to comment upon the event:

“I warmly congratulate Felix Baumgartner on this great success, which was achieved with courage and perseverance and is finding worldwide attention.”

His message received over 28,000 likes and six-hundred comments, showing the importance of talking about what the public enjoys discussing about.

3 Social Media and Marketing Tactics Worth Copying:

 ‘The more you learn, the less you know’, as always is the case in marketing. Here are some interesting tactics learned from Red Bull that you can incorporate in your own branding strategies:

Create your own brand content

In a lesson that would serve relevant for travel marketers, Tim Crow, chief executive of the sponsorship agency Synergy informed reporters:
“The biggest trend in the last ten years, and the social internet side of things has merely accelerated it, is that creating your own content has absolutely moved to the top of the agenda. The hackneyed old tickets, hospitality and perimeter boarding model is being left behind.”

In a branding strategy that travel organizations would admire, Red Bull sponsors the efforts of BMX riders ,base jumpers, free runners, snowboarders, and cliff divers.
Apart from sealing their logo on athletic gear, they also aimed to have complete control over media presentations of the sporting competitions.

Broadcast Content Directly to Customers

Red Bull has managed to create an audience of its own through which they broadcast content that  reaches through its very own channels as well. Their effort to become a content creator has rid them of the concern of whether or not it can match mainstream media interest.

Have it Planned and Act Fast

Right after Baumgartner landed safely, Red Bull soon took to Facebook and Twitter to ask fans what questions they might have to ask him. This resulted in literally half of the worldwide trending topics on Twitter being about the company’s event.

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1: Thats awesome indeed and a great stunt to market one's brand n products. Its also a lesson how trust n belief play a vital role in marketing and strategies.
Posted by:Nivedita Singh - 26 Oct, 2012
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