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A Take on SMS Marketing Strategies: Effective or Inept?

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, September 27, 2012   |    2 Comments
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Bangalore: We’ve entered a period in which RIM’s Black Berry Messenger, and apps such as whatsapp  are used by most urbanites, from teenagers to even their parents who  surprisingly seem to be adapting to the  new technology quite well.  Mobile marketers certainly have a lot to ponder about. Does the extensive usage of smartphones make the sms ways of mobile marketing seem old fashioned & outdated? The Answer: Certainly not ; as reported by

Even though new technology now calls for us to change our strategies and methods in the way we market our products and services, we shouldn’t let go of using the sms just yet. The fact of the matter being that the sms is universal in nature as compared to the BBM and Whatsapp which ultimately doesn’t encompass the entire market. If you think about the sms in terms of the market it reaches, you could then identify the sms to be much like an advertisement that is sure to be watched by the viewers of that channel. However, if your target audience happens to be the urban college kids, you might as well opt for the trendier whatsapp! The decision of choosing an effective means of communication only comes with the proper knowledge of your target audience.

Universality certainly can't be overlooked. There's can be nothing worse than investing lump sums of   money into a campaign, and then having to discover that your target market can't view the message. Finally, although text messages do have the power to draw in more customers and reach your target audience effectively, as compared to other forms of marketing such as e-mailing customers.  The usage of text messaging to constantly market products and services should be avoided. Messaging is an intimate form of communication; people expect   to receive messages from friends and family. Thereby, overdoing our marketing strategies through texting can actually repulse customers. Therefore, the conclusion is that texting is undoubtedly an effective form of mobile marketing; however, it must be practiced in moderation.

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1: i would like to know the process of doing sms marketing
Posted by:pranab halder - 28 Sep, 2012
We'd gladly work on it, and let you know when it will be up online. - The Assistant Editor, Marketing Digest.
zach Replied to: pranab halder - 30 Sep, 2012
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