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Advertisement Through Facebook is not effective for most

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, June 28, 2012   |    2 Comments
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A survey by Reuteres said that advertising on Facebook has very less control on the buying decision of a consumer. It has not helped most in improving sales volume of their products or services. Last month, just days before the Facebook's IPO, General Motors(GM) announced that they would no more advertise with Facebook, which made a depression in social network's strengths as an advertising medium. So, the major question is why the largest human network (though, virtual) is not able to generate the maximum benefit out of its database for its investors?

Some Reasons:
1. Irrelevant ads: FB advertises on home page with likes and interests of viewers. Most of the ads displayed are either of men's accessories or "lingerie". Advertising men's accessories are fine, but how about promoting lingerie ad on a male's profile? Advertising liquor on a profile who belongs to a dry state. They don't care about the geographical location also.

2. Creativity and Size: The size of the ads is very small and there are no rooms for creativity that's the reason why most of the ads are failing to create interest in the user.

3. Positioning & Timing: Ads are not segmented properly by FB. Every where people are getting FB ads but they fail to gain the attention like "Being Every Where and Reaching Nowhere".

4. Untapped Mobile users: Mobile Users are unable to view those ads. Facebook is yet figured out the way to reach them.

FB is working hard to make the advertising programmes effective for marketers, but on the other side, users are losing trust in it for privacy concerns. Engaging the viewers is necessary.

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Reader's comments(2)
1: I have questation why one should advertise on FB ?
the Answer is ,In entire world maximum young people are accessing the social sites like FB,to attract these young people companies do keep their presence on FB.Only keeping the presence in front of the people will not boost the sales,
I think advertising on fb is not going help your sales growth,before that one should know the buying behaviour of the customer's online for the perticular product, the advantage of FB it's only for the general awareness for customer's who may not buy now but possible to buy later.not only in the business prespective but on the social side FB has done great job no dought.
"keep advertisementing not for today for better future..."
Posted by:sanjay - 29 Jun, 2012
2: i agree with the note...we also experienced the same while advertsisng with Facebook. Even the traffic report they generate after the campaign gets far far unrealistic if you compare it with your google analytics traffic report...
Posted by:Harpreet Walia - 28 Jun, 2012
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