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By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, February 22, 2013
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Bangalore: The internet is loaded with marketing tips and advice, marketing infographics and what not? At the end of the day all of such marketing material is essentially aimed at furthering your progress in the marketing arena. And at the end of the Strategic Marketing Summit, New Delhi hosted on February 15, the insightful event achieved doing just that. Here’s giving you a brief recap of the Strategic Marketing Summit, New Delhi to enlighten marketers that couldn’t make it for event:

Augmented Reality, the marketing trend that is sweeping the globe today was paid its due attention at the Marketing Strategic Summit. Here’s what Schez Khan, Business Development Head India & Gcc of Virtual Mob  had to say about the trend, “‘Augmented Reality’ is the latest buzz and the most happening strategy in the world of advertising & marketing, especially among Indian marketers at present. There is need  to explore and promote more and more about such technology as there exists unlimited potential with the current scenario of an evident boom in smart phones. “

In an engaging panel discussion regarding, The Neo CMO: Blending Marketing Art and Science Deepak Shetty, SVP-Domestic Sales & Marketing, Moser Baer pointed out that-  “The process of using intuition, gut- feel, collective wisdom or past experiences is the ‘Art’ way of marketing to develop an idea or concept with which people can associate. The ‘Science’ way is driven by data analytics, iterations and ‘what if’ scenarios to help find latent need generation via informed decision making. I believe that ‘Science’ enriches ‘Art’. Data is the initial key to a robust marketing plan. One can arrive at the right creative expression based on the data analysis of customer needs, trends, segmentations, customer benefits, ROI , etc. Having said that, I also feel that, by considering the complex business environment we are into, a perfect blend of both is the need of the hour to meet the objectives.” Sethumadhavan  Srinivasan, Director Strategy & Marketing, Huawei, a member of the panel discussion further added that  “Customers’ needs are constantly changing, both in scale and depth. This summit has given clear direction to marketing managers on the strategic capabilities and practices to be undertaken to align to such changing customer needs and hence to improve the company’s market leadership and competitiveness”

A panel discussion which inspired much enthusiasm among the delegates focused on Brand Management in Digital Age.  Panelist,  Abhishek Sinha, Chief Manager & National Head - Digital, Apollo Munich Health Insurance expressed his views on the topic, pointing out that  “ Digital platform provides lot of interesting ideas to help your brand reach the audience in innovative ways. Although Social networking sites are becoming defacto for interactions with customers, we have many unexplored platforms for branding on digital platform. Innovative Trans Media Story telling, Augmented Reality, Mobile and Websites are the ways that can give immense digital branding value.”

Panelist, Sushobhan Chowdhury, National Digital Strategist, JWT, also put forth some very interesting views on this topic. Here’s what he stated on the subject “I recognize the fact that marketers, advertisers and agencies are trying to push the digital mandate in a much bigger way now, the need is to build a stronger foundation first.  School, colleges and institutions including companies and agencies alike have to make Digital mainstream, as a main subject and not keep it separate as an elective or specialization. Digital is part of everyday life and has far greater relevance in today's world than it had ten years back and to manage brands in this complex and fragmented world where attention is getting diverted from traditional media to digital, marketers have to quickly adapt and play by the new rules. Digital is mainline now and there is no two ways about it.”

This event is supported by Virtual Mobile Ltd., Vipul, BRISK,, the brand Bee and EGENCIA.

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