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Automobile Brands Need to Take Social Networking Seriously

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, October 30, 2012
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Bangalore: Most Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the automobile industry haven’t yet embraced the new digital marketing strategies. It’s hard to figure out why that’s the case, considering the fact that the latest marketing trends have already proven successful for many businesses.

A recent conference held by J.D. Power and Associates which involved some of the marketing heads of the top automobile brands as well as experts who were on hand to discuss the trends that can be incorporated successfully into the automobile field, also speculating why many within the industry are taking time to understand and implement them; as reported by

The members included in this discussion were David Matathia, Director of Advertising at Hyundai Motor America, and John Watts, Sr. Manager of Digital Marketing at American Honda Motor, Amy Peet Senior Manager of Digital Marketing at the Chrysler Group. The “elephant in the room” was to recognize what some of the largest concerns were in stark contrast to marketing automobiles with an ever-changing world of how people attain information. “My biggest concern is continuing to build a desire for the brand,” said Matathia. Considering the fact that the attention spans of the younger generation (and future car owners) are increasingly sporadic is a justified concern because of the swarms of options and possibilities for most products. So creating various ways to keep customers as well as future customers engaged in the brand as well as having a desire to obtain that brand is the first and most critical step.

We’re unarguably in the digital era. Digital marketing has now taken over the tasks once assigned to postal service marketing and telephone calls, for a swifter, more efficient way of reaching your  developed base. Having a user-friendly website, an effective social marketing campaign and some informative content with the aforementioned tools can work wonders for your brand helping you reach a larger base.
“Good content will take care of your social community,” says Matathia. The tactics implied  by Chrysler Motors  successful web campaign which  already includes a Facebook Fan Page that has exceeded 500,000 ‘likes’  promotes their “Fan of the Week” promotional campaign that features a satisfied customer that loves and drives one of their cars. “Your [social networking] success can be determined by how frequently people are engaging with your content,” said Peet.

Taking advantage of social networking using it as an opportunity to present good content to your customers. Acknowledging the benefits of digital media and realizing that it isn’t just a fad is the initiation a smart automobile brand marketer would take seriously.

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