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Churning Out Marketing Strategies from the US Presidential Campaign

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, November 15, 2012
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Bangalore: Despite living seven seas away from the United States, there is a tremendous amount of knowledge that marketers from India and around the globe, can imbibe from the history of the country’s Presidential Campaign. Knowing the history of the Presidential Campaign allows us to speculate as well as analyze the factors which eventually lead an individual/brand to becoming influential and winning the hearts of people. For marketers to understand such tactics are indeed crucial.  Here are a few highlights which come courtesy of Lori Turner-Wilson via

Engage with an Emotional appeal: Did you know that consumers instinctively make buying decisions based on  emotional appeal at first? Only later will they begin seeking rational support to justify the decision they’ve initially made. Therefore, this is an important reason to why people decide whom their voting for based more on how they feel about the candidates rather than purely taking on a rational approach.

Express Personality though your Brand: Voters admire Candidates with personality, who fully engage with them. Therefore, adopt a sense of humor and let your guard down when promoting your brand and you’ll be sure to win the hearts of your prospects.

Embrace New Technology: Exploitation of new technology plays a big role in winning elections: Dwight D. Eisenhower won in 1952 largely due to the radio. JFK’s appearance on TV in the 1960 debates against a gaunt Richard Nixon led him to victory. The “reach” (number of viewers) that Obama was able to generate on YouTube during the 2008 elections was well worth up to $50 million[e1] , had been broadcasted on TV airtime. Brands and campaigns that decide to skimp new technology, do so at their own risk.

Exude Confidence by Maintaining a Positive Tone: Presidential campaigns that focus on their own value proposition rather than getting ugly and slamming their competitors, are more likely to stand a better chance at winning the elections.

Easy & Simple is the way to post Brand messages: Always keep your message crisp, concise, and easy to understand, in order for it to be shared with others. The next step is that you stand by it. Historically, campaigns that go back and forth between complex mumbo-jumbo messages did not do so well in engaging with audiences ,hence, failing to also reach their own goals.

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