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Content Is Still The King In Marketing

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, March 22, 2012
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Bangalore: Airtel succeeded in creating a buzz in the market and especially among the youths with the jingle "Har ek friend jaruri hota hai". "What an idea sirji" also worked for the Idea. Content has become an integral part of every form of marketing, may it be search engine marketing, print, television, public relations or radio advertising. It is ruling the online and offline mode of marketing.

Having a great website that is not picked by Google is a waste, and having great content but with lean product or service will also lead to low publicity in the market. The online users demand information that is unique, insightful and useful. One should always find ways to provide latest and greatest content to their online audience. The healthy way to approach the online audience is through original and interesting lead generating content through blog posts, case studies, white papers, video and photos. This will also enable a company to enhance the brand visibility.

"No one would be interested in reading something that they have been repeatedly reading. The words which goes into a content can be stronger and influential during marketing, if it is relevant, understandable and directly reflecting the point that we are talking about," says Raja Sampath, Founder and Operations Head, TreeShore. TreeShore is an IT company based out of Chennai and specialized in Web Design, Logo and Flash design, Web Development and Software Development.

Companies use a mix of content types to attract customers, depending on the kind of business they do. People come to the company's website or social media profile with an objective to find some information that will help them solve their problem, or atleast give them the knowledge on how to solve them. "To provide better service to their audiences, companies like Amazon are partnering with other companies to become the king in the industry. We will see a lot more companies going for partnership and acquisitions," says Sriram V Iyer, Co-Founder and CEO, United Mobile Apps. United Mobile Apps is Bangalore-based mobile/broadband/wireless technology company.

To top the chart, companies should provide content that is relevant and can be viewed across various displays such as mobile phones, smartphones, laptops and others. The use of relevant technology to provide content like Web2.0, video and others will help to create a better transformation of information from the sender to the audiences. Companies can provide top-notch information for the individuals who uses internet.

Providing good content to engage customers on the site and creating customer loyalty needs a lot of research to go in before writing a content. Understanding the 'topic' is the foremost task before starting to write a content, and then planning to make the content relevant and at the same time it should be short and sweet. Creating display relevant content will ensure more engagement from the audience along with dynamic content delivery to provide great user experience.

"We have a process wherein we do a topic selection and understanding, research, shortlist important points and words, connect the points and words, write article, and proof read it to ensure we provide the best content relevant for our audience," adds Sampath.

One of the main challenges that the companies face while creating good content is to see that the content can pull people to get interested in. Before making any purchase or deal online, consumers want a band of trust to be created between them and the company. By creating authoritative content that answer important questions, one can establish his credibility and build a reputation for excellence. Quality content can have direct impact on sales, so it is important to consider the strength and appeal of the online material before publishing it.

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