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Crafting Out an Effective Press Release

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, October 31, 2012
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Bangalore: Brands crafting out press releases are often concerned if their content includes all the ingredients necessary to generate online visibility. Did you know that if you try too hard by using some so called successful tactics; your press release is more likely to end up being flagged by search engines? Here we brief you on a few steps that you would need to take in order to gain good readership for your press releases online; as reported by

Keeping in Mind the Target Audience

The days of tactfully structuring content having only search engines in mind are now over and done with. The belief that you have got to repeat the same keyword in various parts of the text, to achieve good keyword density and the usage of Anchor text links that use exact keyword phrases – are no longer needed. An array of links at the bottom of the press release and texts packed with keywords now pose risks for those that do employ such methods, as the search engines have begun to penalize content they consider being ‘exceedingly optimized,’ and such content is also likely to be red-flagged. However, one principle remains the same: great content written with a specific audience in mind will always get good viewership.
Marketers structuring press releases in attempting to appeal to multiple audiences is an idea likely to fail. The reason? Audiences seek specific information, and search engines provide it. Unfocused content is likely to fail because no one would find it purposeful sharing jinxed information.

Write with a Natural Flow

Starting a press release with the company’s name, or an intellectual/ diplomatic quote from the executives is like a speed bump to begin with. Such beginnings have low probability in appealing to readers, simply because it doesn’t interest them. Even journalists conclude that that the information hasn’t got something new to offer with the same old stiff format of writing content.  Research has come to prove that even search engines detect natural language and reward it. There’s also no need to have a keyword appear several times in your press release as search engines understand synonyms. Go ahead and employ a wide variety of words , giving your content a more natural flow, hence making it more relatable to your audience.

Place Those Keywords Strategically

Place the most important keyword phrase as close as possible to the beginning of your headline and you will also need to repeat it toward the top of the press release text. However, it isn’t required that you have it repeated several times in your text. The reason being the search engines place more weight on words and phrases found at the top of the page.
Keeping in mind the above stated tips  will serve helpful the next time you decide to craft out a press release. But the best way to guarantee good viewership is to make sure that your press releases are made interesting for your audiences.

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