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Direct Marketing Radically Builds Brand Loyalty

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, February 26, 2013
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Bangalore: A survey conducted by London based firm Citipeak Promotions LTD found that when asked, 7 out of 10 people felt more loyal towards a brand after they had purchased a product or service through a direct marketing approach. Brand loyalty implies a consumer's successful emotional attachment and long term commitment to a brand. It is essential for brand loyalty to from an integral component of any marketing strategy because loyal customers tend to buy more products which will result in increased sales for the company and ultimately more profit to be made.

Direct marketing is the practice of delivering promotional messages directly to potential and existing customers on an individual basis as opposed to through a mass medium. It is this individual basis that helps to build brand loyalty from the very beginning. "To build brand loyalty, you need to build relationships with your customers. This relationship is built through face to face sales because it is much more personal than other forms of marketing and selling" said Nick Johnson, managing director of Citipeak Promotions Ltd.

Outsourced sales and marketing firms such as Citipeak Promotions LTD use direct marketing approaches to ensure that a good customer relationship is built for their clients, which in turn helps to increase brand loyalty. When looking at what makes a customer loyal to the Apple brand, Scott Goodson highlights how important building a relationship with the customer is, ‘that means being trustworthy and transparent’. This is not only crucial for Apple, but for other brands too. 

The first time that a customer buys a product or service is when brand loyalty should be established. By providing good customer service a satisfied customer will often return. Face to face direct marketing is a quick approach to providing this effective customer service and building a positive relationship from the start. "Brand loyalty is the backbone of any successful business. We live in an ever increasingly global market and consumers today have so much choice. Brand loyalty can be a crucial element to the success of a business" adds Nick Johnson of Citipeak Promotions LTD.

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