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Drivers of Customer Experience: Marketing vs. IT

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, August 30, 2012
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Bangalore: Many of the organizations consider the customer experience falls into a customer support department, in order to keep wait times for call centers low, reported Carla Johnson for

Customer Support works as a way to create a lifecycle story for customers across all channels. Now a day's marketing spending has increased to outpace IT in technology to get the right infrastructure in place. And Gartner research showed that CMOs will have larger IT budgets than CIOs within the next five years.

Customer experience is the hot topic at Business Marketing Association, Regional Conference in Denver. For the conversation between marketing & IT executive, the conference agenda include insights from leaders in customer experience and content marketing expert who help keep customers engaged across all channels.

Customer Support & Customer Experience:

Customer experience is the basic foundation for acquiring, serving and selling customer. It's not just a feel good tactic. Marketers need to learn how to plan the customer experience, how to use it to grow value because today experience matters a lot for the organization. Customer support helps for problem solving where as customer experience helps in creating delights.

In order to create a meaningful customer experience companies need to measure whatever they are doing throughout the experience cycle right from strategy to delivery. For doing this, a solid foundation in technology is required because it's a metric, which shows where and how often a customer engages with the brand. After that, generates the ability to create a consistent experience in each area like- social media, apps, email, a phone call, click-to-chat and so forth.

Digital Conversations:

Customer experience is for creating a meaningful relation and content is a tool for creating this relation. If marketers want their customer to come back to them again they have to design a content that matters to them. And it needs to be a two-way communication. Some companies only listen to their customer which is not a two-way communication.

After having content marketing plan and platform in place, companies need to control the conversation. Because the communities want to interact, comment, share and openly criticize.

Looking Forward:

In the next two years customer experience will become a challenge and more complex. In the conference the panelist were highlighted some trends:
1) Easy Button:
In the current complex world customers need simplicity. Who crack the code can capture the hearts of audience.

2) Making Personal:
Marketers need to understand the preference and need of the customer so that they can deliver the experience in a creative way. They need to create a valuable content.

3) Regular convergence of social:
Companies focus on integrating social for business into the customers- daily lives. TVs that allow viewers to watch programs and also include Twitter hashtags at a particular moment in the show or point people to other social sites.

4) Executive Recognition:
For new roles such as the Chief Customer Officer or Chief Experience Officer, Customer experience is boardroom.

Undoubtedly technology helps the organization for conversations, interactive marketing and to create a meaningful relation.

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