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E-mail Marketing isn't Dead

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, October 31, 2012
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Bangalore: Despite what some marketers may have predicted about the end of e-mail usage in marketing, there are many reasons as to why the email won’t become irrelevant due to the up gaining popularity of social media. As one of the most cost-effective and efficient service offerings, email marketing is certain to continue to be a critical part of the digital marketing mix for a considerable amount of time.

Here are six trends which prove why email marketing is indispensable to the marketing-mix:

1.    An effective tool for building sales & relationships

Social media plays an crucial role in building rapport as well as brand loyalty .There is an ever-increasing awareness that email marketing is the go-to tool in order to seal the deal. Data from developed markets show that users who have received email content concerning a brand or product, tend to spend more on the product than consumers who were targeted through social platforms.

 In addition to being the backbone of successful businesses direct sales campaigns, email marketing also has the advantage of being able to funnel users back to social site platforms. This allows for users to subscribe to a brand's newsletter from its Facebook Fan page.

2.    The Ever-Increasing Usage of Smartphones & Tablets

Today, we can notice a sharp increase in the usage of tablets and smartphones among urbanites. This unarguably increases users’ access to their emails. It is therefore expected that email marketers will be dedicating much of their energy to creating  new email formats better suited to today's touchscreen generation, and email designers will most likely adopt responsive design techniques.

3.    Communication is always a Two-Way Street

Social media has now popularized interactive conversations with brands that had previously been able to hide behind call centre’s, therefore social platforms have now given rise to the expectation of real-time communication. Marketers therefore need to enable a two way conversation through e-mails, rather than plainly ignoring customer feedback, and frustrating their customers instead.

4.    Their Play can help drive your Pay

The final trend you can soon expect to see in e-mail as well as mobile marketing will include ‘gamification’.
The mechanism has shown the ability to improve brand loyalty as well as interaction from customers; email and mobile marketing are two channels that can be effectively leveraged for this purpose, rather than merely acting as a notification for them.

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