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Facebook Timeline: 10 innovative Uses for Brands

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, March 22, 2012
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Bangalore: Brands have had a bit of time to familiarize themselves with Facebook Timeline, and have stepped up their game and gotten creative. came up with a list of 10 Innovative Uses of Facebook Timeline for Brands.

Fanta: The company's branded Facebook Timeline page took advantage of the Leap Year by pretending that the extra day "Created a rip in the Fanta space-time continuum and sucked four of our characters: Gigi, Lola, Floyd and Tristan out of the Cover Photo and into the past".

"Lost in Time" game engages fans of Fanta's page, which requires navigating through the Fanta Timeline, to bring the characters back to the future.
Red Bull: Red Bull came out with the "Red Bull Timeline Timewarp" with the new features of Timeline.

The game ends March 15, is a searcher hunt for fans, rewarding them with prizes for finding hidden clues throughout the brand's Timeline.

Old Spice: Old Spice is known for its original, viral campaigns, and it's living up to expectations on the brand page. It's a men's deodorant company.

Old Spice posts odd photoshopped images well-suited for Internet culture between hilarious status -- including a classic cover photo, which features tiger eyes, a helicopter and a can of Old Spice shooting lightning out of a volcano.

ESPN: ESPN is using the "fill-in-the-blank" approach to current events in sports, and lets fans shout out to their favorite teams.
Captain Morgan: This liquor company uses Timeline to give its fans a glance into the fictional captain's life at sea.

Cold Play: A great way for musicians and other bands to utilize Timeline. Fans enjoy fun and sketchy facts about the band and its history.

Coca Cola: Timeline helps Coca Cola to encourage fans to solve riddles that lead to various interactive websites. For instance, this one leads to

Verizon Wireless: Verizon asks their fans to submit photos from their Verizon phones or tablets for a chance to win a tablet and for it to be featured as the cover photo.

Ford: Ford Timeline gives a great opportunity to show off old photos and share extensive history.

U.S. Military: Facebook extended Timeline back to the year 1800. Organizations like the U.S. Navy and Army can share their full histories.

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