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Features that Add Magic to Your Website

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, December 6, 2012
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Bangalore: Market researchers have proven that having great content is essential, but is only one part of having an effective and luring website. There are quite a few and seemingly irrelevant features of a website which actually bear a profound influence on visitors and can quite significantly boost your conversions online. Here are 5 of such features compiled by the blog DirectoryMaximizer.

1. The Phone Number they don’t bother calling
Website owners have discovered that a cell phone number placed within their website dramatically increases their web conversions.  The strange fact about this lucky charm is that webmasters hardly receive any calls on the number put upon the website. Perhaps, it just makes people feel that there’s a real person on the other end? You can draw several conclusions, but no one knows for sure.

2. Putting Periods in the Headline
Avoid placing periods in headlines as much as you can. Reason being that after conducting several split tests, marketers have observed that putting periods in headlines (and subheadings) gets people to stop reading rather than continue reading. Thereby, significantly also reducing conversions. Commas have a similar impact as well.

3. Big & Unusual Buy Buttons
Years ago when Amazon, the world’s largest retailer was getting started, they tested all sorts of buttons that attracted the reader enough to respond on impulse. The “Add to Cart” button resulted to be most effective.
Today however, the same old buttons have been imitated over and over again by most online sites that they no longer have any influence, and we now consider them to be “standard”. But what marketers have observed is that big and unusual looking buttons tend to gain positive responses among visitors.

4. The Mystery of Number Seven
Which among these figures do you think sells more: 55, 57 or 59?
Although the amounts only slightly vary, researchers have noted a significant difference in the rate of conversions. Why does a number ending with 7 help generate the best results?  Well, that‘s still a mystery.

5. The Effect of Images
Yet another bizarre consumer behavior is how people respond to images.
Why do most companies put up photos of men in suits and women smiling? Simply because it works. Although this may seem a bit puzzling but an image that is completely irrelevant to your product or service will do better than a ‘suitable’ image. Strange facts, but true.

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