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Game Your Way To Glory On Social Media

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, November 22, 2012
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Bangalore: Mobile apps are currently a rage with consumers, and they are probably the biggest reason why so many people are opting for smartphones. In fact, quite a large number of people choose their smartphone based on the types of apps available. There are apps for just about everything -  you can control the lighting system at your home, have access to your bank account, read the latest news updates, visit social networking sites, and the list can go on and on.  -- But mobile games account for the most popular apps that users install. This presents an opportunity for quick witted marketers to exploit the potential of mobile marketing by buying in-game advertisements; as reported by Cara Stromness via

Think about it - when people are not at their desk tops, they still have access to their phone. Additionally, playing games on a Smartphone is a common way to while away time. Therefore, adding in-game advertising to your mobile marketing strategy is a perfect way to reach a larger audience.  Here are some of the reasons why you should incorporate it:

What Benefits You Should Also Benefit Them

Some of the most effective in-game ads are ones that reward the user. The tactic is most suitable for quest-style games. How does it work?  Players can be given bonus coins for performing various actions, like visiting a website, or by "liking" your Facebook page, following your company’s blog, or any other action you choose which will benefit your brand. And where exactly should you employ them? Integrating them right into the game options or features will better your chances at attracting consumers rather than employing other options such as ‘Pop-ups’ which tend to only annoy them. The in-game reward ad strategy is a great way to particularly grow your presence on social media.

Attract Them Directly To Your Store

You can now make good use of near field communication (NFC) information in order to target potential customers based upon their physical location. There are a few in-game advertising networks which can tap into NFC technology and only screen your advertisements to consumers that are in the near vicinity of your store. This is particularly useful for local businesses that only want to target potential customers that can easily get to their store.

Track your Targets, by Resolving to Be Relevant

Just like in-game ads can track gamers by location, they can also target specific audiences based on the genre of the specific game. For instance, a pastry based game will be the perfect choice to advertise a Sweets and Pastry brand. Therefore, you can screen ads in mobile games that are relevant to your audience.
If you haven't given ‘in- game’ ads a thought until now, simply consider all the benefits mentioned above and how they could potentially widen your social media brand image thereby also converting well for your businesses. Now isn’t that well worth a shot?

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