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How You Manage a FB Business Page

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, October 18, 2012
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Bangalore: Starting a Facebook page for your business can be an easy-breezy affair. But how do you successfully maintain your FB business page?  Managing the social media page, may turn out harder that you’d have imagined, if you aren’t equipped with the necessary tactics. Below are a few tips that may come in handy if you set out to effectively grab hold of prospective customers, and not to forget- maintaining a good relationship with your existing ones.

Be Subtle: Facebook is a site on which millions of people log-in to either to get in contact with new people or stalk their friends’ daily activities. The last thing they want to see are companies posting outright marketing content on to their ‘newsfeed’. Does that mean you can’t market your products or services? Of course not. People appreciate informative content; therefore you could creatively and subtly find informative ways to market your services or products.

Respond to Feedback: When customers post their comments, you must be sure to make them feel that their opinions are acknowledged. If feedback is good, express your gratitude with a simple- thanks. However, when if you happen to receive negative comment regarding your services, do not delete them. Rather, address the issue politely and immediately. Assure that customer that you would soon give them a call to resolve the complaint, apologize and inform that the folly won’t be repeated.  You probably would make a very loyal customer of that person.

Keep Your FB Page Alive: Once you create your FB page, it becomes your duty to post informative news every single day. Try allocating a specific time to update your daily news. Failing to add news may reflect that your business doesn’t care much about engaging with fans, and thereby, you lose prospective customers too. Hence, to keep on the good side with customers you got to keep your Facebook page alive and active.

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