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How to Launch a Successful Viral Marketing Campaign

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, September 27, 2012
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Bangalore: Viral marketing involves attention grabbing and brand enhancing messages that connect viewers in an engaging way. They become marketing agents and broadcasters to pass on the message to others as mentioned by Barbara Findlay Schenck in foxbusiness.

Uploading videos on YouTube can show the potential of your product. To further increase the number of hits, you can advertise on Google and Yahoo by carefully selecting the YouTube tags.

Let us have a look at some tips to maintain a successful viral video campaign as written by Patrick Stafford in and Christian Briggs in

1.    Campaign only a good product
Viral campaigns can go wrong if the product is not of a good quality. The popularity of the campaign is in direct proportion to the quality of the product involved.

2.    Hire a marketing person outside your expertise to increase brand value
Hire a marketing person who can immediately work on selling the company’s product in remarkable ways. These include uploading videos and making products popular which increases the brand value.

3.    Align Social and Viral Efforts with Existing Strategy
Advertising on social websites like YouTube increases a company’s chance to enter into the big leagues. You can also market your product by speaking about it on the most popular talk shows and morning shows.

4.    Expand the resources
Don’t stop at any particular product but expand the campaign by using different types of products. Campaigns for new products will attract new viewers and will increase the lifespan of the campaign.

5.    Limit the expenses
Viral campaigns are usually cheap and you don’t need to spend much money on it.

6.    Aligned Campaign to Track the sales from social media sites
You will need to track the number of sales you are getting from social media sites apart from ensuring that these efforts aren’t the loose cannons of your marketing. 

7.    Create Buzz worthy Content and involve Customers into campaign
Buzz worthy campaigns creates curiosity, shock, humor or love. You will need to engage the customers in your campaign either directly or indirectly apart from sending emails asking for their recommendations.

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