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Marketing Mobile Apps to Game App Addicts

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, October 18, 2012
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Bangalore: The urban youth today, spend much time playing games whenever and wherever possible. Smart phones – the genies of today, grant customers all the games one could desire and a lot more. There are now about seven-hundred thousand apps available to Apple users and close to 550,000 apps for the Android addicts. With all new apps being developed every day, it would make better sense if mobile apps were to be divided into more manageable categories.

Speaking of games, games account for 75 percent of the highest grossing Android apps and about 70 percent of the top grossing iPhone apps, thereby making them the dominant business category for apps. Apps in other entertainment categories of are – print, music, and video; as reported by

Among the numerous games available, just one percent joins the league of great mobile games. These games are more likely to sit atop the rankings, compared to the rest. Wondering why? It’s because only one percent of the total games are sophisticatedly produced and have generous marketing budgets. Renowned studios such as Electronic Arts, Epic Games and Sega release first class perhaps products such as Crazy Taxi which are also well promoted to keep them on the charts over a long time. TV shows and soft drinks endorsing apps as part of an ad campaign only enhance the existing hype over those products. Top gaming brands rarely care about sustained user base.

The remaining 99percent are mostly games developed with small budgets by small studios. However these games also do have a shot at making it big with users. SongPop is an example of just among the many small budget games that succeeded in stirring up a rage among users.
 The mobile industry is in the process of finding new methods to derive user information which is now heading toward interest-based targeting that doesn’t need to rely on cookies. Geographical targeting is yet another method that will help app developers reach local audiences.  Also be sure to soon expect rich media and video to substitute static banners so that users can watch trailers or perhaps, play a mini-game before they choose to download them.

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