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Marketing Tactics: One Size does Not fit All

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, September 27, 2012
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Bangalore: The over hype created by marketers when launching a flashy car or a smartphone with cool new features, is understandable and perhaps even acceptable. But what if you heard the same was true in terms of launching a book? (Only a book, really?)Well, to our amazement, that’s how the marketers do it these days to promote the books of well established authors; as reported by The Hindu.

Critics today couldn’t care less about taking a swipe at the authors and their team of marketers. Marketers in their endeavor to create the desired hype and sell more copies, ban any publication of reviews concerning the book until it finally makes its way to the stores. Critics find the matter immensely disturbing as the reader wouldn’t have a clue about the books worth, but left feeling compelled to purchase it anyway, as a result of the marketing tactics held in place.

This week, when J.K Rowling’s latest book, The Casual Vacancy, which is set to release on Thursday; had already sparked some fury from critics for the marketing strategies that were in place. As Critics would be able to write only about “preliminary” reviews “revealing what they think they will think about a book they have not yet even read,” as Decca Aitekenhead who interviewed Rowling for The Guardian wrote. Another journalist who was given the privilege of interviewing the esteemed author wrote that she was “required to sign more legal documents than would typically be involved in buying a house” before she was given the honor of reading The Casual Vacancy under tight security in the publisher’s office, London.

“Two million orders are thought to have been placed worldwide for The Casual Vacancy before its release. Yet nobody knows if it’s any good. It would be nice to hold up the story of J.K. Rowling’s achievements as a lesson in what anyone with a typewriter and some talent can achieve. But penniless author to publishing despot is not a happy arc. How different it would be if there hadn’t been that much money in children’s books,” wrote Matthew Bell, Diary editor and feature writer of The Independent on Sunday. 

Although Rowling’s latest book The Casual Vacancy might be a conscious break from her past, marketers ought to focus only on the book and not the author. While branding may work for consumer product companies, the same rule shouldn’t apply for authors which are practiced by marketers of today’s publication houses. The true value of a good book will be reflected upon its release. If it’s successful, the number of sales will go up. However if the book is subpar, marketing tactics such as these will only leave a bitter aftertaste for consumers who will probably start disliking the brand.

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