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Marketing Your Brand with a Cool & Well Designed Business Card

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, September 27, 2012
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Bangalore: The days in which business men handed out plain and simple business cards loaded with contact details to prospects, are practically ( and gladly) over. What exactly is the role of business cards, now that most business professionals engage each other online, especially on professional networking sites such as LinkedIn?   

The fact of the matter is that business cards will go on to survive simply because it’s indispensible in more ways than you’d have imagined. In any business event, handing out your business card often helps kick- start a conversation and in turn helps in generating leads. In addition to that, your business card also makes a strong and lasting impression. The power of a business card lies in its simplicity. Here we note down some insightful tips which can help you generate leads; as reported by

Adding in a Touch of Social Media: You can’t deny the impact of social media in today’s market, and furthermore, businesses regard social media as a great way to engage and interact with customers, so why not include a relevant social outpost on your business card and let those inquisitive new found friends get a good glimpse of your brands online image.

Cutting it Out: Believe that entering all your contact details is mandatory? Well, it’s not necessary to follow the norm. The only contact details you should add are the ones which you believe would give prospects a complete picture of yourself and your brand.

Getting in Touch with Your Creative Side: Forget the biz-blab on your business cards because cool graphics and pictures can certainly speak louder than words. You could make use of websites which focus on designing like, to get a gist of how you could create graphics that will captivate and entice your prospects. Go ahead and showcase your products and creations to entice your prospective clients and get them talking about you and your brand.


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