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Online Marketing Consulting Now Open to Businesses

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, January 3, 2013
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Bangalore: Businesses that are selling products and services online face growing competition from other companies in the same or similar industries. The company is now offering expert online marketing consulting services to new and established companies. An overview of all services offered can be found at

These marketing experts operate over 300 successful websites online and are now providing services to help other companies to expand income generation online.

Marketing online has changed since the first phase of the Internet in 1996. Technological advancements and web programming development have helped to introduce new interaction between consumers and companies. The creation of web 2.0 solutions has provided more opportunity for consumers to control online experiences.

Companies that can learn to use the different tools and technologies available for marketing could establish a better foundation for expansion and sales growth online. The MMB consulting services now offered are one resource that companies have available. The solutions that can be applied to solve existing problems and prevent future issues are part of a larger base of training that MBB now provides.

New training programs are offered apart from consultation services to provide more options for companies. A new in-person training series was launched in early 2012 and has resulted in multiple live events that take place over a 3-day period offline. Both new and established companies are taught how to develop products, make products better and market a business in ways that get immediate and sustainable results.

A new consulting request form has been added to the services page of the website. This form collects basic information to allow a preliminary review of a company or website. The information submitted allows the MBB staff to review the existing problems or issues that a company is having and a consulting plan can be created if companies are accepted as a new client.

Experts on Marketing
Shyam  Sekar S
Senior VP
TaurusQuest Global
Market Analyst
Dart Consulting
Aditya  Sarna
Product Manager
Satrajit  Sen
tripod entertainmet
Ashok  R
Agile Force
Subhasish  Dalal
Training Manager
ICICI Prudential
Surajit  Das
Relationship Manager
Prof J P  Singh
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