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Overcome Your Marketing Challenges On Facebook

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, November 22, 2012
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Bangalore: Despite the endless content pouring in from several marketing sites regarding the ways in which marketers can effectively use social media to engage customers and create a wider fan base, it seems that most brands and NGOs are still striving to figure out what works on one social networking website particularly- Facebook.

What sort of content works best?; When would be the perfect time to publish updates? ; and how to make use of sponsored stories are indeed consistent themes being discussed among today’s marketers; as reported by John Haydon on

But yet, these issues are mere glimpses of the bigger challenges that we ought to take an effort to better understand.

Below are a few reasons why Facebook marketing is presenting new and unusual challenges to marketers:

1. You Now Compete with Their Friends

To believe that fans log in to Facebook to see what brands are sharing is not fact, but sheer fantasy.
Every time you publish an update in their newsfeed, keep in mind that,  you're also competing with birth date announcements, the daily news, vacation pictures and recommended data.
Remember that while it’s certainly hard to trump someone's friends, the next best thing to do is to employ a friend-like voice in your content, by doing so you’ll be more likely to create a bond with your fans.

2. You need to understand Your Target Audience

Google keeps you aware of the trending topics that people search for in the form of words typed into its search box. But unfortunately, that isn’t the case with Facebook.
What makes Facebook users comment, ‘like’ and share updates?  While, the answer to that question remains a mystery, you can look out for patterns in Facebook insights and draw conclusions based upon those inferences.  The key lies in uncovering the emotional drivers of your target audience.

3. You Need to Actively Involve Targets

Social media works best when you create interaction and employ a vast amount of participatory content on your brand page.
To get it ‘right’ on Facebook, you have to think about creating a space for your supporters to share what matters to them.
Start by asking:

•    What's their agenda like?

•    What content are they already putting out that aligns with your cause ?
•    And, how will you be able to capture the same on your FB Brand Page?

Keeping in mind all the tactics you can use to to overcome the upmteen distractions on Facebook, you can be confident as your now one step closer to engaging your customers effectively.

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