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Power-up Your Non-Profit Marketing Efforts

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, November 29, 2012
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Bangalore: Today, just about anyone can use videos as a marketing tool online, not just content creators and businesses. In fact, quite a significant proportion of NGOs and other interest groups are reaping the benefits of posting videos, and as a result such organizations are increasingly spreading their message online and are thereby able to help their cause each year. If you want to gain more followers online, and are looking out for a cost-effective method of doing so, below are a few ways you can use the power of online video to your full advantage; as reported by Becky Stefansky via

1. Pave Way for Viewers to Donate Easily

Most non profits benefit substantially from donations, and as many people today prefer offering donations online, you can now make sure you can receive even more donations by installing a direct donation app on your video player. This serves as a more convenient method so that you don't drive your viewers to be jinxed and frustrated through the typical-lot of redirects on your website.  Hence, this will ensure they have easy access to donate to your nonprofit.

2. Making a Connection

It’s essential for even non-profit organizations to have their own Facebook & Twitter page. And just like any other businesses, nonprofit organizations also need to keep all of their social networks connected and also to be more easily noticed by potential followers. How can one easily achieve doing this?  One way is by having your social network pages directly associated to your video player, which allows for viewers to see real-time status updates while watching video.

3. RSS feeds mean a better informed audience

Believe RSS feeds is outdated in today's Web? You may be just wrong. RSS feeds are still a prominent force that any type of website, non profit or business can effectively use to their advantage. After decades of being around, the RSS feed has been transformed and modified so that it can now be embedded into video players for your nonprofit’s marketing endeavors.

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