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Press Releases Decreases the Cost of Reaching New Clients Compared to Pay Per Click

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, February 21, 2013
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Bangalore: Recently released market research on the effectiveness of press releases shows that advertising your business on the internet in this way beats the cost of traditional pay per click search traffic. For the same price as traditional Pay Per Click advertising, press or news releases target the same buyers can generate up to 15 times the traffic for the same cost.

A study conducted by William Stewart, Internet Marketing Expert, has indicated that press releases online are targeting and addressing the same buyers for small and medium sized businesses that Pay Per Click advertising does but at a fraction of the cost.

The research was carried out, on behalf of his company Premier Consultants, over January and February of this year after William’s company started to see a dramatic return on investment in press releases for both his own business and the clients he represents.

“We have always used press or news releases as part of our marketing mix, but the results we were getting over the past year have been extraordinary” he said. “There has been a massive shift by Google to make their index more responsive to relevant news-worthy content and press releases are a perfect mix for the search engines, our clients and their potential customers”.

Savvy online companies are always looking at ways to get their message across to new clients and keep their name top-of-mind, but press releases have usually been the realm of large multi-national organisations with deep marketing pockets. Not anymore.

William commented, “The best part about using press releases is that it levels the playing field for any size of company to compete. News that is relevant no matter what size of corporation is treated the same way by the search engines.” In effect this gives smaller companies the same chance to get in front of the clients that only big companies had the budget to reach via news releases.

“We have provided a press release service for a few years now with great results and now we have the dedicated staff to be able to offer this service to new clients and we are offering a special 'try it out' price for new clients”, William said.

The research shows that for the same cost as Premier Consultants Premium Press Release service, up to 15 times more people see the news release compared to the same costs when spent using traditional PPC advertising.

Small businesses are especially benefiting from these facts as marketing budgets are getting tighter and ROI is more closely examined in these tough times.

Another big benefit is that when you use a targeted, search engine-friendly press release, they can appear in search results within minutes of going live. Companies can also add pictures and videos, increasing their appeal.

One element of William’s study showed that in a number of cases a single news article or release brought in more traffic than many small businesses’ entire monthly adwords budget.

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